Saturday, February 4, 2012

Chilly Saturday

This is a chilly morning since we had rain all day yesterday. We needed the rain desperately but it sure kept me home after work.

My brother-in-law came over to bring me his check for his Silver Dollar City tickets and we visited for awhile. I rode with him to Independence to pick up his granddaughter after school. Her parents had gone to Topeka because her dad needed to have some tests done at the VA hospital there. We will meet again at Eggberts this morning for breakfast.

I have some work to do today. I need to spruce up the house again and finish my laundry. I have stripped my bed and have my bedding and underwear in the washer now. Next will be my towels.

I will have the Living the Questions group tomorrow evening so I will need to make some brownies to serve them. I guess I will also serve swiss mocha, chai tea and coffee for those who want it. The superbowl is that night too so we may be a small group...which will be fine because I only have a 15 foot square living room.

Slinky slept well last night. He woke me up twice to go out but only after 3:30. I had gone to bed at 9:00.

Politically, the president made a huge gaffe yesterday. He has alienated the Catholic church and many evangelicals by saying they will need to be able to provide contraceptives through the insurance they offer their employees. That one statement may cost him the election.

More later.....

I went to breakfast with my brother-in-law and then came home and began working on my income tax. It took the rest of the morning and I missed my opportunity to go see my sister.

Then this afternoon I began working on the letters to my classmates to tell them about our class reunion. I got 104 of the envelopes and letters printed off, got them stamped and in the mail. That's one big job finished. I e-mailed the 88 that are online. I've already begun hearing from them.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Damp Friday

Well, we are getting some much needed rain today. I worked ths morning but before I went to work,, it began to rain. When I got off work, I stopped at Sonic and got the child's chicken strip dinner. It's just right for me. Then I came home and settled in to read awhile.

I let Slinky in a little bit ago. It's only 49 degrees out there but it's damp. I ran his shag rug in the dryer awhile to warm it up. He is lying here in the kitchen with me right now. I put the shag rug on top of his furry foam bed to try to keep the furry bed cleaner longer.

Bob A. and I will meet for breakfast in the morning. We do that every Saturday morning. Then we catch up on our news. After our breakfast, about 9:30, I go to see Phyllis, my sister.

I need to change my bed tomorrow. I also need to dust. I ran the duster and vacuumed already this week but did not get to the dusting. I will also clean the bathrooms.

Sleep was not so good last night. Slinky came in to sleep but did not want to stay in. It was warm outside. So he barked several times about 1:00 and I let him out to pee. Then every thirty minutes after that he wanted back out. Finally about 3:00 I put his bedding out on the chaise and he slept there the rest of the night.

He woke up twice out there and barked and I went out there and told him to hush! I didn't get much sleep until 4:45 when I finally went back to sleep. I woke at 6:00 to his barking again...this time for his breakfast. I got up and dressed and got ready for work and then let him in for his breakfast.

More later....

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Great Night's Sleep!

After work yesterday and after my hair appointment, I drove over to Parsons and since I had an hour or two to kill, I visited an old friend who has a moble home sales business over there. We caught up on all our family news and his business news.

Leslie got to Parsons about 5:00 (she took off work early) and we walked around town until Scott and Becky arrived and then they took us to Ernestos Mexicaan Restaurant there for dinner. I tried not to eat too much. Sometimes I don't sleep well on a too full stomach. Leslie got me home about 7:00 or so. I watched TV for an hour and let Slinky in as soon as I got home so he might sleep better. It was to get down to 28 degrees last night. He did well! He slept until 4:00 this morning and then needed to go out briefly. He went back to bed after that and I did too. I got a good night's sleep finally. I got up at 5:00 as usual.

I'll work this morning and then leave early about 11:15 to get out to Windsor Place to get the agendas and minutes from last month's CMA meeting distributed and after that meeting, I'll go out to Wal Mart to do some grocery shopping. I am out of everything and I have Living the Questions here on Sunday evening. I will make brownies for that and serve punch or coffee for a drink.

It feels good to be rested after this awful week.

I went to the market this afternoon and bought groceries and saw an old friend there that I visited with awhile. I got home about 5:00 and put my groceries away and fed Slinky and Missy and now Slinky is on his bed in the utility room.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What A Night!

It's been one of those nights again. Slinky woke up at midnight and was barking. I went out to check it out and it was balmy so I told him to go back to bed. At 3:00, he was awake again and barking. My next door neighbor's bedroom window is just off my patio where he sleeps so I simply cannot let him bark, I went out again and hushed him and this time it was cold so I brought him and his bedding in. I told him to get back to sleep but he barked every fifteen minutes the rest of the night. I constantly got up to shush him and order him back to bed but this time it didn't work. I haven't slept since midnight.

I have to work this morning and then go to Independence for my hair appointment and after that, make a trip to Parsons to meet Scott and Becky and get her car back to her. Leslie will meet me then and bring me home. It will be a big day and I will be exhausted before it's done. On top of Slinky, Missy woke me up twice to go out. When I went out to scold Slinky for barking she came back in the first time. In thirty minutes she woke me again to get back out. Animals!

It appears Mitt Romney won the Florida primary last night. I'm not happy about it but I am glad Newt Gingrich didn't win. He's a mess!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Trip

This is the day Bob A, Phyllis F., and I will go to Joplin. That should be fun.

Slinky slept outside last night. It was balmy and warm. He woke up about 12:30 and wanted to come in but it was too nice to let him inside so I just told him to be hush! That seemed to work and he slept until 4:00 when he tried again. Again, I went out and told him to "hush" barking. He quieted right down and went back to sleep. When I got up at 5:00, I let him in the kitchen for his breakfast. After laying around for awhile, he decided it was too nice outside to stay in the house so he went back outside. What a January! I wonder what February will be like. Bob A. called last night and said he would be by at 10:00 this morning to pick me up and then we would go get Phyllis F. It should be fun!

I worked on the second quarter schedule this morning. It's pretty early but I had the time so I got it finished. I'll send it out later for corrections. Someone always has to change the initial schedule. I'd rather it would not be at the last minute.

More later....

Bob A.picked me up at 10:00 and Phyllis F. shortly after that. We got to Joplin about 11:30 and ate at Olive Garden. Then we went on to the mall and walked the entire mall. Both Phyllis F. and Bob A. bought something but the only thing I bought was my lunch. But we had a good time.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Another Monday

Church went really well yesterday. Afterward we all went to El Pueblito's for lunch and as always, it was good. John wasn't at church. He had had to work on Saturday and had a lot of things he needed to do around the farm so he stayed home and did them.

I came home after lunch and did the newsletters and got them out on the mailbox. Then I took a ride...just to get out of the house. I stopped at McDonald's and had a small McFlurry. Last night I watched 60 Minutes and then at 9:00, I went to bed. Slinky woke me up three times last night and the last time was 4:45 so I just got up.

Today I will clean house. I don't think I will go out to see Phyllis again. It is just so depressing.

Tomorrow I will call in the number of reservations for the Ministerial Alliance lunch on Thursday. Bob A., Phyllis F. and I are going to Joplin to the Olive Garden to eat and then walk the mall afterward too. Phyllis F. seemed really glad to be asked to go. She is quite shy but always goes to eat with the group after church.

Wednesday after work, I have a hair appointment in Independence and then I will drive over to Parsons to meet Scott and Becky and take Becky's car back to her. Then Leslie will come to Parsons after work and pick me up and bring me home.

Thursday is Ministerial Alliance after work. I will leave work thirty minutes early to distribute the minutes and the agenda.

I have nothing going on Friday. That's the day Scott leaves to go back to Germany.

The Florida primary is tomorrow. That will be interesting. I look for Romney to win. I don't see a viable candidate there though. They all have too much baggage of one kind or the other. Romney's church has way too much influence on any LDS. Newt is immoral and unethical. The others are just not viable at all. Ron Paul is another far right with wild and crazy ideas.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Again

Well, it's Sunday again and I will have church this morning. Bob A. will be here at nine to pick me up.

Yesterday went well. We had breakfast with Bob A, I went out to see Phyllis (although she was in a bad shape...barely cognisant). Then we went out to John and Leslie's house. John had to work so we just visited with Leslie. About 11:30, I called in an order for a large pizza and went into town to pick it up. We ate that and visited awhile longer before Becky and Scott left for Bristoe to pick up her horse, Chester. Today, they will leave there for Wichita where she will get her taxes done. Then they will go back to Fort Scott. Wednesday Leslie and I plan to go to Parsons to meet them to take the car back...the one she loaned to Scott so he could come see me. Leslie will follow me in her SUV and bring me home afterward. It will be a big day.

Today, after church, as usual, we will eat out together somewhere. This afternoon I will do my usual letters. And this evening I will watch 60 minutes and after that, if I can find it, Harry's Law. They were supposed to have moved it to Sunday evening.

Slinky woke me up four times last night but I got right back to sleep each time. I didn't get much sleep the night before so I had gone to bed at 7:00. He is lying here at my feet on his cushion napping right now. He has had his dog food and his oatmeal and is full. Scott offered to take him and have him put down for me but I couldn't bring myself to let him do that. When he is good, he is very, very good...and good company.