Saturday, August 11, 2018

Saturday and No Plan Again

I slept fairly well last night but got up a little after 4:00AM. I dressed and got myself ready for the dy and fed Missy. I noticed one more of my classmates had died so I sent out an e-mail to those who have e-mail. The others wil learn about it when I send out the class newsletter between Christmas and New Years.

After I ate and had my coffee and Chia Latte, I took Missy out while I deadheaded the flowers and watered.. she stayed nearby this morning so she got to stay out longer. Then the stray tom cat came out across the street so I brought her back in. She was ready. She's very leery of stray cats. She is too old to fight anymore at 15 years old.

Now I am watching the CBS news.

More later...

After the news was over, I decided to work over my classmate's  list. I wanted to add the dates those who were deceased had much as I knew.  I reformatted the "deceased classmate" list and went over my "classmate's list" and added that information. Later, I will make up a new list of just names and addresses to use for a mailing list for the newsletter in December.

That took all morning.

Then I microwaved a frozen dinner and ate my lunch and had an ice cream bar afterward.

More later...

I spent the afternoon making up a mailing list of everyone in my class who is not online. There are 40 in this list. I will use this list to print off the envelopes for the class newsletter I send out between December 25th and January1st when I send out the class newsletter. The others I will send out attached to their e-mail.

I spent an hour over at Marilyn's apartment  finding out how her root canal came out yesterday.  She said it was fine. It worked out well. I was worried. She had been in pain for a week waiting for this appointment.

Now I will try to watch the news and then after that, eat my yogurt and take my bath and get ready for bed. Then we will watch Amazon Prime TV until 9:00PM.

It turned out to be a pretty productive day after all.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Friday and No Plan at All

I slept fairly well last night and only woke up a couple of times. I got up near 5:00AM and got dressed and ready for the day. I fed Missy and myself. After it got light I took her outside but she wanted to wander so after a little while, I brought her back in. She was not happy about that but you'd think she would figure it out.

I have deadheaded  the flowers and watered. I also finished reading the Reader's Digest and took it to my brother-in-law. His girlfriend went to lunch with friends today and I was going out to Dearing, a small town nearby, for homemade chicken and noodles so I invited him to go with me. He ran it by his girlfriend and she was o.k.with it since we are family.

I don't have a plan for today.  But I will get back to this later... 

I did go with Bob out to Dearing for chicken and noodles. It was very good.

After I got my mail and read it then I made up a letter and took it to the post office to mail.  I read my newspaper and did the crossword puzzle and then took the paper over to Marilyn.

It's after 5:00PM  now and I just gave Missy her treats and ate my yogurt myself. After the news, I will take my bath around 7:00PM and the watch TV until 9:00. That's bedtime.

We are supposed to get some rain tonight. I hope we do.  It looks like it is going to go south of us though.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Thursday and Apartment Cleaning Day

I slept pretty well last night and only woke up once then got right back to sleep. I got up at almost 5:00AM

I am ready for my day and will run the vacuum again this morning.  Otherwise, I don't have a plan for the day.

I am watching the Channel 6 news right now. This morning the picture is not tearing. It is light now so I will try to take Missy outside. I hope that tomcat is not out there.

I took Missy out for almost an hour. About 7:20 or so, Bob came over and visited awhile. While he was here , Missy wandered off over to Kenny's to see the trailer he has parked there beside his apartment.  It is an eyesore. I had to go carry her back home. After Bob left, I brought her in.

Now I am watching the "CBS This Morning" and the news.

More later...

I got the apartment all cleaned...all but my bedroom....Missy is there on my bed sleeping. I have even had my Schwan's lunch. Later, when she is out of there, I will take the vacuum in there and vacuum the carpet. Now I think I will take it out and vacuum my car. The driver's side carpet is dirty. I vacuumed it a week ago but I have been in and out of that car several times since then and it has rained too.

I am still thinking about trying to get a manicure. My nails are terrible. They split and break off easily. I put lotion on them but it doesn't seem to help.  I just don't know how much that would cost.

More later...

I lay down and rested awhile this afternoon and then went over to Dollar General and bought more litter for Missy. She really goes through the litter.

Then I contacted Cox support and had Sean do some work for me. Something had changed my browser to Yahoo and I wanted Firefox to be my browser and whatever it was also changed my homepage.  I had him restore my original settings. After that, he gave me a direct phone number to call Cox Tech Support and took the old icon off my desktop. He said Microsoft had made some changes that were not compatible with their  program and they would be giving me a different icon for my desktop when they worked out the bugs.

I was glad to get my familiar browser and the Cox website that I prefer for my home page.

It's almost time for the news so I will see if Missy wants her treats now

More later....

I couldn't get the news. The pictures was tearing when it could be seen at all. Mostly the signal from the antenna in the attic was just not sufficient. I couldn't even stream it on the computer this evening.  Tomorrow I can get CBS news on Amazon Prime but it's always a day late that way.

I was able to get it on radio...good old radio. 

In another hour I will take my bath and get ready for TV this evening on Amazon Prime. I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Wednesday and Social Security

I slept well last night...for a change. And the arm may be a little better since I have been babying it.  I got up at 4:00AM, I must have got my sleep out. I dressed and fed Missy and myself . It is 5:40 now.

The television is tearing again this morning. I tried streaming the news on 6 but it didn't come up either. The TV comes back every once in a while as it finds the signal of the antenna in the attic. We are really too far away from Tulsa to use an antenna on a short pole in the attic. It needs to be outside on a pole.

I don't have a plan for today. I will not go to exercise class while I am babying my right arm and shoulder. I do want to get my pedicure. It has been two months and I really need it. I tried to take the polish off yesterday but my remover wasn't strong enough to work.

I really should strip my bed and wash my sheets. I may get that done today. I have enough in my laundry basket for one load.

I don't think we got any rain last night. I believe it went south of us.

Missy really wants to go outside but at almost 6:00AM, it is still dark out so she will just have to wait.

More later....

We did go outside and I deadheaded the flowers and Missy and I stayed out for awhile.

I came back in and stripped the bed and washed both the sheets and the towels. I have them in the dryer now.

I went uptown to get my pedicure. It had been early June since I had that done. They had really grown out. She does a wonderful time. If I could afford it, I would also have manicures.

Then I went to the Dollar General store and bought a sympathy card for Jeannie. Until I read the Journal, I didn't know that David had died.    I have not been going to exercise class and he and Jeannie go there and she recruits my help from the Bloodmobile. Bob had not told me about it. He died on Friday and the service was yesterday. I took the card downtown and mailed it off.

Later, I talked to my friend,  Nancy. She is a year older then I am. She is going to check into going into Assisted Living there in Caney. She is considering selling her lovely home and having an auction. I hate to see her doing that but she is all alone there. I will go have lunch with her next Monday if her son, David, isn't there by then.

Missy and I watched Amazon Prime after I had my bath at 7:00. It froze for awhile and I rebooted it. It had to reload the Tivo before I could finish my TV show. That's the first time it has done that. I imagine it is the streaming. I have the slowest speed they offer but in order to speed it up, I would have to have a new router and modem and I am not going to do that. It would also cost more and that would defeat the reason I went to streaming initially.

At 9:00 or 9:15, we went on to bed.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Tuesday and Hair Day

I slept fairly well last night but woke up at around 4:00AM. I finally got up close to 5:00AM. My right shoulder was aching badly and my left ear was sore. And it is my right ear that has the little growth on it. I have an appointment with my dermatologist for that this month. What a mess!

I need to go to the market today and get a few things. I also need to pay my car registration.

Keith sent me an extra deposit I didn't expect. That was a great surprise. I get my social security tomorrow but I was very low on cash this month. I had paid my car and apartment insurance in July and that was an additional extra expense.  I even had to transfer some cash to pay my rent. My air conditioning bill was very high for July too. It was in the high 90's several days and 100 at least once. I pay that Thursday. I checked the filter yesterday afternoon and it was pretty dirty so I went up to the hardware store and bought a new filter for it. It's always something.

Next month will be even harder. My social security won't come in until the 12th.

I get my hair colored and cut this afternoon at 1:00PM.. It looks pretty bad. It badly needs the hair cut. I had just enough cash left to pay for that.  I hope Toni doesn't charge more then Kathy did.

I ate the last of Bob's pumpkin bread for my breakfast with my coffee. I have some juice I will take with my blood pressure pill. I really need to get some groceries.

I have given up my exercise class for awhile. I hope to give my right shoulder a chance to heal.

Gripe, gripe, gripe. I know....More later...perhaps less gripey.

My younger son got a job yesterday and starts today! Hooray! He is an account manager at Walden Security.

I took Missy out for awhile while I deadheaded the flowers and watered. She did pretty well. We came back in when it began to rain. Then I watched the CBS news. The picture was tearing so I streamed it online on my notebook computer.

Then I went up to the tag office and paid my registration and got my new tag sticker.  That was $120.12.

After that I went out to Walmart to get my groceries....another $27.00 and change. I noticed the "tire" icon was back on my dash so I decided to take Gary's advice and have it checked out at Dollar Tire after I finished at the market..another $15.00. It had a nail in it..sure enough. I managed to go through quite a bit of money and I still have to get my hair done after lunch.   Well, as the old saying goes, "you can't take it with you". The trouble is..I may not be "going" anytime soon.

In a little while I will eat something for lunch and then go get my hair done at 1:00. It is still raining on and off but it's only72 degrees so I am not complaining.

I will find something to eat now. So, more later... I ate the rest of my tomato basil soup. Then I finished off my last ice cream bar.

Toni called me when I went to vote and asked me to come in at noon if I could so I did. She did my color and cut and I liked it even better then when Carol or Kathy did it. And...she only charged me $35.00 for the entire thing!  I was used to paying $42.00. I tried to tell her I was used to paying $42.00 but she said it was so short and easy to do that $35.00 would be fine. Who could argue with that?

I came home and read the mail. I read the Reporter and did the crossword puzzle and then took it over to Marilyn's mailbox.There wasn't a lot in my mail'.... so more later..It's 3:35 now.

I read my Readers Digest until time for the news at 5:00PM. After that, the Schwan's man came and I put away my frozen food. Then I took my bath and Missy and I watched Amazon Prime and some old Perry Mason shows. Then at 9:00PM we both went to bed.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Monday and Vacuuming

I slept fairly well last night although I woke up several times. I managed to get back to sleep.. When I finally got up at 5:00, my back was hurting and also my right shoulder and left ear. I was sleeping on my left side and the ear was sore. After I had been up awhile, everything stopped hurting except the shoulder.

I dressed and fed myself and Missy. She is begging to go outside but it's still dark out. When it gets light I will take her out while I water the flowers and deadhead them. She is right here determined to be heard.  So, more later...

I guess I will take her out now.

I took her out back first and she stayed nearby real well while I deadheaded the flowers and watered Then I took her out to the carport and she also behaved well there too now it's 7:40AM and now we are back in the house.  In a while I want to run the vacuum again. Each time I do that, I get a wad of cat hair in the vacuum canister. She is shedding a lot anymore.

I will not go to exercise class as long as my right shoulder is so sore. I will run the vacuum with my left arm.

In about ten minutes the CBS news will be on and I will watch it before I vacuum.

Last evening my eldest son, the IT I often post about, picked up this nice Mercedes.

 Image may contain: car and outdoor
I've had quite a quiet afternoon. I went to the bank and then I lay down on the sofa and watched a documentary about John Denver. I was a great fan of John Denver and I have many of his CDs

In the early eighties when I still lived in Caney, some friends of mine and I decided to attend a John Denver concert in Tulsa. It was winter and  sure enough, the day of that night's concert it snowed heavily. One of our number had a SUV so we decided to leave plenty early and go on. We did not want to miss this concert.

We got there a little late and the concert was sold out but only about half the audience was there.  When the time came for the concert to begin, he came out on stage and said "Folks, we're not going to start the concert until everyone who can get here tonight has time to make it.. My band will entertain you until folks stop coming." And that's what they did. After about an hour, the seats were full and he began. It was a wonderful concert. We all just loved it. What made it even more special was that he was so considerate of his audience. We got home at midnight that night but we had a wonderful time and he did an excellent concert.

It was a great time in our history. Everyone was concerned about the environment and guys were coming home from the war. His music was so healing.

I went to another concert several years later. It was "The Boss". I wanted to hear the music but the audience was so loud they drowned out the music.  It was completely different. I never went to another concert until "The Phantom of the Opera" came to Tulsa as a live show in the eighties and Taresa and Leslie and I attended. We really enjoyed that one too.

 I think that documentary made me blue.

It's nearly 4:00PM now and outside of the vacuuming, I didn't get much done today. Oh yes, I also changed the filter on the air conditioning unit.

At 7:00PM I will take my bath and change into my pjs. Later, about 9:00 Missy and I will go to bed.

 She will be in here about 4:45PM wanting her treats.  Mark my words. She has been asleep all afternoon on my bed. Poor old cat!

In fact, she just came in. It's 30 minutes too early for the treats so she will just have to wait.  :)

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Sunday and Church

I slept fairly well. My right arm was sore enough to keep me from being altogether comfortable. I got up close to 5:00AM as usual. I dressed and got myself ready for church. I fed Missy and ate some of the fruit I brought home from church and the rest of the cake I bought last Saturday at Bartleville's mall.  I have oatmeal on my grocery list.

Missy wants to go outside but it's only 6:15 and still dark outside. I never take her out in the dark. So she is lying here at my feet patiently waiting for daylight. I am dressed for church so I will need to be careful of my slacks.

More later....I am watching the news right now.

I took Missy out for awhile and she was pretty good this morning.  Then we came back in and discovered that Phyllis was going to drive today.

Church was a small congregation because two big families were out of town but the sermon was very good. Afterward six of us went out to eat at the newest Mexican restaurant..

Then I did the newsletters for the congregation and made up two to send out in snail mail.

This afternoon, I lay down with Missy and listened to music and rested. I ate my last yogurt for supper. I gave Missy her treats.

After watching the news and then 60 Minutes I was ready to take my bath and watch Amazon Prime TV.

Then at 9:00, Missy and I went to bed.