Saturday, November 16, 2013

Warm Saturday

It's warm 59 degrees. I'm having warmed up coffee this morning because Bob and I will go to our usual Saturday morning breakfast. I drink two cups of coffee there.

We ended up yesterday going to the Dearing Cafe and having cornbread and beans so I didn't cook. I will probably cook today instead.

I looked all over town for a Christmas wreath. There simply isn't any shopping here in Coffeyville. I did find some garland which I will hang across the top of my three piece wall unit. I also bought a small nativity set. I haven't made up my mind yet where I will use it...probably on my server in the dining room.

I also found a used Scrabble set and bought it for $3.00. Maybe I can teach Bob to play Scrabble. It is a good mind twister. That's good for us old people.

Tuesday when we go to Independence for our haircut appointments, we will look in their gift shops for wreaths for our doors. We need a relatively flat one..not one of those full ones. It will have to fit between the storm door and the door. We both bought a wreath holder for them.

I have decided not to buy a small Christmas tree. I have the ceramic one Phyllis made for me and I will put it on the console in the living room. Then I will decorate in other ways. ...with the garland and candle rings. I won't decorate until after I return from Hawaii though. When I do it, I will post some photos here.


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

It is warm here too now and much appreciated! Still outside things that need done before the real winter sets in

Margie's Musings said...

Here too. Although we have a had a couple of hard freezes, Deb.