Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Tuesday and Hair Day

Today will be different. I may do some more packing but first I will get my hair done at 9:00AM this morning. Then I will take the cakes up to Independence. If I get them packed, I may load up my car with five more boxes and go on over to Caney from Independence and unload them. Suzanne gave me the garage door opener yesterday so I can go in through the garage to do that. We will see if I can get that done.

I will text Bob this morning and see if he wants to go to breakfast. I am interested in knowing what Joanne found out at the hospital at the hospital yesterday after all her tests last week. I would also bring him up to date about the news from yesterday.

We will see.

We did go to breakfast and had a good visit. Then after that, I went to the bank and then on to Independence to deliver the cakes. Then I went on to Caney to take those two boxes I had filled in and put them in that closet with the shelves.

Suzanne and Steve were there again. Steve had painted in the bathroom with the wrong paint and they will spend Friday re-painting the bathroom with the right paint. After I put the boxes away in the shelves, I went on back home and printed off a coupon for an oil change at Honda of Bartlesville.

My oil change light had come on and it was down to 15%. Then I went back to Bartlesville and ate lunch at the restaurant there in front of the mall, McCallister's. After that I went on to my Honda oil change appointment. The service manager said it had been 30,000 miles since I had changed the transmission oil so I bit the bullet and had them do that. I don't believe any other mechanic has ever suggested I have the transmission fluid drained and replaced. The thing about getting their cheap oil changes...they always want to sell you something else. He had several other suggestions. I am going to have to just ignore some of his suggestions. He wanted to rotate my tires and I told him those were new tires and they had been rotated and even balanced and aligned. I told him Tate Boys had just put them on three months ago and they shouldn't need anything. Besides, Tate Boys will do it for free since I bought the tires there. He didn't seem too happy about that.

Robert, the mover, came after I got home and gave me his quote for moving me to Caney on the 26th (Saturday). He looked everything over and made note of what all he would be moving. He wants $750. to do that. He has to pay a helper, hire a truck, and pay for liability insurance. He talked to Dustin, his brother that moved me here to this apartment, and told him what all I was having moved and that was what Dustin said he should charge. So, I guess I'm stuck with it. Dustin said it would take all day to move me and set up everything in the new apartment. I will probably have to call Bose to set up the sound system again after they come on Monday. Cox is not coming until the following Monday to put the cable in the den room and hook up a box for the cable in the living room.  I will get $600.from Betty for my appliances and Dean gave me $400. so I will use that money.

Leslie and John are looking for an inexpensive washer and dryer for me. They really don't want me to use the laundromat.  Keith doesn't think it's all that safe. Obviously I have great kids.

This evening my bandwidth is way down and I couldn't watch Amazon Prime. Also Alexa can't turn off the light either. I rebooted the modem and the router and pulled the plug on Alexa and plugged it back in and that usually fixes it but that didn't help with anything but the desktop computer. It had even shut down. After I rebooted the modem and the router, the computer worked but Alexa still can't turn off the lamp. I am probably going to have to buy a new router and modem since the router in the new apartment will be a ways from the computer in the living room where the TV will be found. The router and modem will be in the den. It seems it's always something.

Gay is coming on Thursday to meet me and have lunch in Independence at 11:30 at Anna Mae's and then we will drive on to Caney because she wants to see the apartment. Thursday, I want to take some photos of the new apartment.

I have had my bath and am ready for bed so I will go on in there and try to get some sleep.


Sister--Three said...

Could you take a picture of the outside of where you will reside.
Dying to see your new olive.

Sister--Three said...


Margie's Musings said...

I will, Sister Three. I will do that today.

Margie's Musings said...

I forgot to get photos. Suzanne and Steve were still working there and I was talking to them and forgot. I will go it Thursday when my friend Gay comes to see it.