Saturday, November 14, 2009

Quiet Saturday

So far this has been a quiet Saturday. We went to three garage sales where Bob bought some paperback books. I don't know what is on the agenda except eating out tonight.

Scott called this morning rather distressed. The woman he is so enamored of has shown to have feet of clay (in his eyes). I told him there are no perfect women. He also has feet of clay but he didn't think of that, I guess. In fact, the more perfect people are, the less comfortable I am with them. I always remember the "perfect mother" type that was one of my friends when we lived in Bartlesville and the kids were small. I felt inadequate around her. Then I realized she also was not perfect and I loved her all the more.

We are all flawed people and the sooner we realize that, the happier we will all be.

We haven't done diddley squat today. I went through several "antique malls" in town looking for a couple of dishes I am missing. I didn't find them though.

Then I baked some cookies and Bob had a couple of them (he probably shouldn't have). Slinky had a small bite of mine and one of Bob's before we both remembered that he should not have chocolate chip cookies. Dogs are poisoned by chocolate. I have some ginger snaps I can give him if he simply must have a bite of cookie too.

I have tried to put him out several times today but he gets lonely out there by himself and wants us to come out too. It's a little too brisk for that so..he's in the kitchen utility room where he can see me...taking a nap. Spoiled rotten. What have I done???

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