Monday, June 10, 2019

Monday and A Free Day

I slept very well last night. It may have had something to do with the mowing I did yesterday afternoon and evening. I haven't had to take melatonin for several weeks now. I got up at my usual 5:00AM and had my oatmeal and coffee and chai. I had some leftover coffeecake too. I took a piece to Alice, my next door  neighbor, have saved one for Nancy and had the last one myself with my chai this morning.

I have no plans for today. Maybe I just need to rest.. I think I will eat my leftovers from Great China for lunch.

Karan contacted me today to ask me to preside for her on Sunday. We have a guest minister coming this next Sunday. I spent a little time putting together the bulletin and am prepared. I am so glad I decided not to go to camp this week. I just don't want to deal with my sleep problems away from home.

I may check in with Nancy today. She came by before I went to church yesterday morning and said she was having trouble finding me at home.  I went by her place Saturday morning to see her and she was not home. I was home all Saturday afternoon because Steve and Suzanne were here installing my new blinds for the living room. It must have been Friday when she couldn't find me home. That's when I went to Bartlesville and I went by her house before I went to Bartlesville to ask her to go with me and her car was there but she didn't answer the door or the phone so I think she must have been with Sandy.

More later.....

I went out to Dollar General and bought most of the stuff I wanted to get at Walmart on Wednesday. I wanted to hang one of those hooks in the center of my living room valence. It hung a little in the center. That fixed it.

I tried to call Nancy several times this morning and she is evidently not home. Then I went by Roger Burch's office and picked up my contact lens prescriptions and then afterward went by Nancy's home.

She didn't answer the doorbell so I assume she is still not home. I was going to ask her to go to brunch with me but I think I will just cook one of my turkey pot pies in the microwave and eat here at home.

I had accidentally left my Great China leftovers in the car so I had to just throw them away.  There weren't much of them anyhow.

More later....

I had one of my turkey pot pies from Schwans and it was good. Later in the afternoon, Nancy came by and visited a couple of hours.  After she left, I had my yogurt and watched a program I had recorded until 9:00PM when I watched "Bull".  That about the only network program I like.

After it was over, I went on to bed at 10:00PM.


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