Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Wednesday and a Coffeyville Day

I slept very well last night...again without Melatonin. I woke up a couple of times but got right back to sleep. It rained last night and thundered too. That just helped me to sleep.

Finally at a quarter past 6:00AM, I just got up. I got ready for my day and texted Bob to see if he wanted to eat breakfast with me. He did but he wanted to buy this time. I agreed. We had a nice breakfast at Eggberts and afterward I took him back home and then went to the bank for my money for the week. 

Then I went out to South Coffeyville and bought my gas. Then on to Walmart to get what little groceries I needed. I dropped by Toni's shop at a quarter past 9:00AM and sat in the car reading. After awhile, she saw me and came out to tell me she could get to me early. So I was finished long before 10:00AM. I stopped by Brahms and got my milk and yogurt after that and came on back home.

I haven't done much this afternoon but watch some programs on cold cases on Amazon Prime TV. I ate an ice cream bar for lunch and finished up my trail mix.  I will have yogurt for supper.

Tomorrow, I need to strip my bed and do my laundry.

More later...


Sister--Three said...

I am trying not to fret, but I am starting to worry. Hope you are ok.

clairz said...

Same here. It's unusual to not hear from you every day.

Unknown said...

Mom decide at the last minute to go to church camp she will be back Saturday evening.