Monday, July 15, 2019

Monday and a Doctor's Appointment

I got up earlier then usual this morning but feel rested so I must have had enough sleep. I have dressed, had my breakfast and fed the mama cat already. I have not seen any of her kittens this morning.  I am now enjoying my chai latte.

I have a 10:00AM doctor's appointment with Dr. Eslicker this morning in Bartlesville.  Hopefully, he will not find anything suspicious on me this time. I have had a basel cell on my nose and one on my ear.

I am in the living room using the laptop computer now. That desktop is still freezing from time to time so I will be using this laptop more nowadays.  Cox Complete Care said they had done everything they could to fix it. I know they spent hours working on it Friday night.

I see the mama cat is back out front with two of her gray kittens. I still don't know what happened to the rest of her family. When I came in here, the kittens ran away though.... not before they emptied the dish. I refilled it and one of them is back now eating. Mama cat is drinking the water I put out there now. I will have to refill that in awhile. One of the kittens is back eating now.  I enjoy watching the little critters. The entertainment is worth several bags of Meow Mix.

More later...

I left a little early for my appointment with Dr. Eslicker. He didn't find anything to zap today and put me back on a yearly appointment.

I walked around the new shopping strip in Bartlesville and then the mall. That mall is nearly empty. I didn't buy anything. I came back home and warmed up my cashew chicken from yesterday's dinner at Great China.

I read most of the afternoon and went out to Dollar General and bought another bag of cat food and some ice cream bars. This is the weather for ice cream bars.

I did get an appointment tomorrow at the Red Cross bloodmobile at the First Baptist Church in Coffeyville at 1:00PM to give blood. I am O positive and they need that type because it will be fine for matter their type. They are down to three days supply of blood and they need to have five days on hand.

More later...the news is on. I want to watch it.

I watched the news and read some more of my free book on my Kindle.  It's almost 6:30PM now and at 7:00PM I want to take my bath. I plan to go on to bed at 9:00PM as usual.

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