Thursday, October 31, 2019

Wednesday and Another Good Night's Sleep

I woke up fairly early and it was 26 degrees out and I decoded not to go to Coffeyville until it got light. It was misting besides. I texted Bob I would be coming over after it got light and he was o.k. about that. He probably didn't want to get out at 7:00AM in the mist anyhow.

I got myself ready for the day and had my oatmeal for breakfast and fed the cats.

Then about 8:00AM, I started for Coffeyville. I needed to get my hair done, get some gas and go to the library. Coffeyville's library had notified me that  they had the new John Grisham book now and I was next in line to check it out. Instead of listening to it on audio, I really wanted to read it for myself so after I had my hair done, I got my gas and dropped by the library and checked it out. I went to Walmart and bought my few needed groceries. Then I went on back home. By them it was 10:30AM. I called Nancy and asked her is she still wanted to eat lunch at Copan and she did!  So I told her I would pick her up at noon and we would go.

That's what we did. While we were there, we saw Karen Rankin and a friend of hers and visited awhile. Karen had had her auction a couple of weekend ago and we wanted to ask her how that went. It was a financial disappointment but she got rid of about a third of the stuff she had accumulated and made a couple of thousand dollars on a sailboat she sold, so she was happy enough. I went on to the restroom and left Nancy there to pay our bill (she insisted). When I returned, we were ready to leave. She wanted to come by my place for awhile. She was tired of her own company.

Soon Karen came by and came in. Nancy had forgotten to pay the bill and the waitress wanted Karen to tell her to pay it next time she was in. Nancy wanted to go right back and take care of it and so we returned to the restaurant and she paid it.She had simply been busy visiting and forgotten about it. We were so glad Karen told us. When we got back to town, I took Nancy home.  I invited her over tomorrow for chili. It was supposed to be cold again. She will come over tomorrow at noon for the chili. I may have to remind her.

After I got back home, I dug into the book and read until time for the CBS evening news.  After that, I took my bath re-dressed my toe and watched an episode of "Murder She Wrote" and went on to bed at 9:00PM. I was pretty tired.

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Sister--Three said...

So glad you have a good book to read. I think John was born in Arkansas.

When I left Silver Sneakers yesterday, I was carrying out the ball we used to exercise.
I can identify with your friend not paying. Started to leave Kroger and tomato sauce
was under my purse. Had to go to service desk to pay for it.