Friday, November 8, 2019

Friday and a Great Night's Sleep

I slept very well last night and feel very good this morning because of that. The trick may be to stop watching TV thirty minutes before I plan to go to bed and pick up a  book (not a Kindle) and read for thirty minutes or so.. That way that blue light from the computers, smart phones and TV don't interfere with my sleep. Those gadgets emit a blue light that destroys the melatonin in your system. That interferes with your ability to sleep.

I talked to Scott this morning. He and I also discussed his phlebotomy every other weekend.  I hope Keith is still keeping up on his too.  The boys both have hemochromitosis (too much iron in the blood) and have to have a phlebotomy at least once a month. Scott's was diagnosed later then Keith's and he has to have his phlebotomy every other Friday. It's supposed to be an inherited disease but it can't have come from my side of the family so it must have come from Bob's.

When I got off the phone, I fed the five cats.....three of the kittens, the mama cat and the yellow tom cat. They all came to eat. Every couple of days, I have to buy a bag of Meow Mix  cat food. I had started  to feed just the mama cat but last spring, she had a litter of five kittens so I had to feed them too. There are four gray kittens and one yellow kitten who looks just like the tom cat. I assume he is the father.

I have texted Bob A. and he is fine this morning.  I gave that new navy coat sweater I had bought off of Amazon to Joanne, his girlfriend. She is a tiny little thing and it fit her fine. That's why I usually don' t buy clothing online. I need to try things on. Every company's sizes are different.

More later....

I watched the news until they started repeating themselves. I waited until the mail came to think about going up to Independence to get a few things I need at their Walmart plus go to their Dollar Store  to get some things for my shoe box for the Christmas Child project.

Then after I got that done I stopped at Dairy Queen for my regular Friday blizzard. On my way home I texted John to see if he was home. He was at the farm building fence. But he said if I wanted to see the puppies, they would be happy to see me and I could stop and see them. So I did. They were absolutely delighted to have some company.  I finally went and got the key. Leslie had told me some time ago where it was hidden. Then I went into the kennel to see them. They all happily ran in to greet me. They were all trying to get to me at the same time. Raven and Hoover came out to see me too. They left when I went in the kennel though.  I took turns picking each of the puppies up and petting them. Then I took some photos of them. My! How they have grown in just a couple of weeks! It appears they just have four left. Of course, plus John's new puppy that he eventually wants to mate with Hoover when she gets old enough It was neat to see them again. They are so cute! I put the key back when I left.

I just fed the cats again. And I noticed mama cat is pretty fat.  I think she may be pregnant again. I hope not but she is pretty big. And she eats a for four or five.

I am watching an old Big Bang Theory. After this is over, (It's only 6:25PM now)  I will take my bath and put my pjs on and watch an episode of   "Murder She Wrote" and read awhile before I go to bed at 9:00PM or so

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susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

I hope the mama cat isn't pregnant. That means she would have her kittens in cold weather. I wonder how feral cats and their kittens survive in winter. When I was growing up, our Mama cat only came in season once a year in the spring. She was a Persian cat and usually she had Persian looking kittens plus one short hair kitten in each litter that we assumed looked like its Papa.