Thursday, November 7, 2019

Thursday and Another Trip to Coffeyville

I slept pretty well last night although I had my sleep out earlier then usual.  I just went ahead and got up. I have got myself ready for the day and had my oatmeal, coffee and Chai.

I will do some cleaning this morning and then go out to Dollar General at 8:00AM for some more cat food. Closer to noon, I will go back to Coffeyville to meet Bill Wade for lunch. He will reimburse me for my expense in sending out 61 packets of Coffeyville Reawakening information to my classmates...the ones without e-mail. I attached the link to the information and sent that out to the classmates with e-mail. That was sure easier and faster.

I have put off my cleaning all week and I must get it done this morning. I did get the laundry done this week.

I will do the mopping right away and wait until later to do the vacuuming. The sweeper makes a lot of noise and this is a duplex so I will do that later..

I hear the cats out front waiting for their food. Unfortunately, I am out of cat food and the Dollar General doesn't open until 8:00AM so they have quite a wait. It's only 6:00AM right now.

More later....

Before I left for Coffeyville , I went out to Dollar General just as soon as they opened and bought cat food and came back home and filled their bowls. In a little while I looked out there and they had begun last.

About 10:00AM, I went over to Coffeyville to Bob's apartment and gave the tiny navy sweater I has ordered from Amazon to Bob to give to Joanne.  She's the only one I know small enough to wear it.

I also went by Genesis and took them the plastic bags I had saved for them. Then I went to the library and looked for a book to read. I didn't find anything I was interested in reading.  Then I met Bill Wade (class of '68), for lunch. I gave him my receipts for all my expense in sending off those packets to my classmates and he wrote me a check form  $97.91...that what I had spent.We had quite a conversation about the plans for the Coffeyville Reawakening.  I added up all the receipts I had and he wrote me a check. I deposited it before I left town for home.

When I got home I put away everything  and got out the vacuum sweeper and ran it. I had cleaned the bare floors before I left this morning. Now all I have to do is dust tomorrow.

It's already been a huge day and it's 3:40PM already. It turned out to be a cold day but lots of sunshine. I lifted the shade in the den so the sun would shine in.

I also sent that link Bill Wade told me about to all my online classmates after I saw it myself. ...pretty impressive. They have lots of plans for Coffeyville and the Midland theater. I hope they all work out. I told him about Westmoreland, Kansas. It was a small town,,,much smaller then Coffeyville... but clean as a whistle.  I told him about the merchants there sweeping their sidewalks every morning before opening and putting the dirt from the sidewalks in trash receptacles.  I told him Coffeyville could do that. Doug Mund, one of Coffeyville's pastors, has had his congregation out a couple of times cleaning up cigarette butts. That's the right idea.

They work with the city commission too. I told him about my frustrating experience ten years ago getting an ordinance passed  against people parking in their front yard near their front doors and also putting old appliances on their front porches as eyesores!  The ordinance passed but the police didn't want to write tickets for that so they didn't enforce it. I went back after I noticed that and complained about it. It didn't do any good. I told them they might as well rescind it if they weren't going to enforce it.


More later....

I got the vacuuming done this afternoon and cleaned up the vacuum cleaner. I washed the filters and left them out to dry overnight. Tomorrow I will put them back in the vacuum.  I also plan to dust again.

About 7:00PM or so, I watched an episode of "Murder She Wrote" on Amazon Prime and then read until 8:30PM.  I have had my bath and changed the dressing on my right big toe and will go on to bed in about thirty minutes.

Suzanne called before I was ready to go to bed. Kaylie, next door, is expecting a package tomorrow and she tried to reach me today to see if I would pick it up.  I should be here tomorrow. I have done all the running around I need to do for one week. So when the package comes, I will pick it up for them. They plan to be gone this weekend.

Now, I will get to bed. It is 9:05 now. I have been reading a paperback book the last hour so hopefully I will be able to sleep well tonight.


Annsterw said...

You are so sweet to feed those kitties!!! Have a fantastic day! HUGS

Margie's Musings said...

Thank you, Ann! I just couldn't let them starve.