Monday, September 25, 2023

Monday and "the Weather in the 8's"

I was up shortly before 5:00AM again this morning. I made my bed and dressed and got myself ready for the day. I even caught Blondie early on. I fed him and he ate his fill and left then I took his food into the garage and covered it. He ate almost all the wet food and some of the dry food.

 I did catch "the weather in the 8's", fairly early. Today is to be 90 degrees and sunny, tomorrow is to be 90 degrees too and sunny, Wednesday is to be 88 degrees and mostly sunny, Thursday is to be 90 degrees and sunny, . Friday is to be 91 degrees and sunny, Saturday is to be 91 degrees and sunny and Sunday is to be 90 degrees and partly cloudy. Mostly a hot and dry rain in the forecast in the next week.

More Later... it's 6:26AM now. I have had my breakfast bar and coffee and even my Chai Latte.

It's 8:12AM and I just finished my walk.  I picked up a sack of usual. I put it in my trash receptacle when I got home. 

And as I went by the post office box, I put my stamped 5 letters in it

Then later this afternoon I went to Bartlesville and washed my car and then met Sally at the Boulevard Cafe for breakfast..

When I got home I put what little gas I had in my gas can in the mower at 2:25PM and mowed the front yard. Then I was played out. I don't think Mike intends to mow anymore. I may go out to the gas pumps on the highway and put some more gas in my gas can.. Then later today, toward evening, I could fill the mower and mow the back yard.  The west side will have to wait for cooler weather. It's 3:40PM now.

I mowed the back yard about 5:15PM. It's 5:54 PM now and I want to take my bath at 7:00PM. I still have the west side to do but I can't do it today. It's 90 degrees out there and I am very tired. I wish Mike would do the west side until I can find someone else to do it.  Surely the mowing is about finished since it's fall. I lifted two full bags of clippings into the trash receptacle. 

More Later...

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