Saturday, June 22, 2024

Saturday and an Early Rise

I was up very early this morning, and read until I was finally able to sleep. It was a very restless night. It had been a terrible experience yesterday. I went up to the Dairy Queen and had their $7.00 special and then I started out of their exit on the north side of their parking lot. When I turned to the west, something drug under my car. As I turned toward Oak street, there was a dragging noise coming from under the car. I drove three blocks and the noise just got worse. I pulled into the corner stop sign  by Woods and a car stopped behind me. A guy in a pickup truck was driving. I asked him to check under my car and see what was making that dragging noise. He looked under the car and said, he could see something dragging under there and he had heard the noise when we pulled up to the stop sign. I told him I had better get to Quality Motors and have it checked out. 

That's what I did. The noise continued all the way to Quality and Scott Mills checked it out. Their estimator, Nina Goodman, had the car put up on a rack and she and Scott Mills made an estimate for insurance purposes.

It appears the 15 Front bumper guard clips were broken off. The splash shield for the Radiator support was gone. The estimate was a total of $2,450.27 counting labor. They conferred with one another and then suggested I submit their estimate to my insurance company and see if they would pay it.

They then came and told me they had suggested to one another that I just drive it as they had rigged it up. They had rigged it up and it was supported so it was no longer dragging. Nina said they conferred with one another and said "if this were your mother would you just suggest she drive it as they had it rigged up". That was their suggestion to me.

I went back to Coffeyville to my insurance agent and gave her their estimate. She said I had a $1,000 deductible on my comprehensive insurance and that would be the insurance that would be covering it. She suggested I discuss it with Leslie and get back to her later after that. I decided I could not afford to submit it to my insurance with that $1,000 deductible. I would just drive it the way it was as Nina and Scott suggested. They had just rigged it up so it wasn't dragging anything now.

I will go back up to Quality today and see what I can do about the bill. Maybe they will let me pay the labor at $100. a month. If they had ordered no parts and it was just labor, maybe I can pay it out that way. The labor is $619.20.

It's always something! 

Scott and Nina don't work on Saturday so I was unable to work anything out. I went over to the main office just as a man was unlocking the door. I went over the plan with hm and he said, "This is only an estimate and they arranged it for you to just drive the car the way they fixed it, So do what they suggested and just drive the car." So I did. It is working just fine now. And they said I didn't owe anything. And it's making no noise now.

I have fed the cats all morning. Blondie and Grey and Blackey have been fed at least twice. 

I went up to Joyce's and had my own lunch.  Then I came back home and read all afternoon. I finished the first Coffeyville library book.

I will take it back on Wednesday. 

More Later...


DrumMajor said...

Get an estimate some place else first! Might give you more options! That's pretty steep for just placing something back in position. Ask around for those who have used other mechanics. A body shop seems an appropriate choice. (Not a dealer.) Some gas stations will still do that kind of work. Linda in Kansas

Galla Creek said...

That sounds pricey for rigging something. I hate this for you, Margie.

Galla Creek said...

Glad that worked out for you. Hang in there!