Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Wednesday and Another Juanita Doctor's Appointment

I slept poorly last night I woke up at 1:15AM and went to the bathroom and took my med and melatonin. It took me a long time to get back to sleep. Then about 3:15AM, I woke up again. This time, because my arm was hurting, I got up again and took an Aleve. This time I slept until 3:45AM and finally just gave up and got up.  I dressed and got ready for the day.

Missy had wet on another bathmat that I put under her litter box to keep her from wetting on the floor. I realized today, for the first time, that the reason she does that is that she can no longer squat. She even has a terrible time trying to lie down. She generally just flops down.

I will need to be in Independence at 9:15AM. Juanita's appointment is at 10:00AM but, since she's blind, it takes awhile to get her in and out of the car.

I have fed Missy and she is back on my bed taking a nap. By the time I get Juanita back home, I probably will be very tired. I'm glad I took that Aleve. She always needs to hold on to my arm.

More later...

I texted Bob and asked him he would like to go to breakfast at Eggberts. He agreed and I picked him up at 6:40.  Soon after I got him back home, I left for Independence.

I got Juanita in and out of the doctor's office. It was a hassle since she can't see. He tried to treat her depression over her blindness with some good advice and the hope that she will enjoy being with her son and his wife and no longer be alone all the time.   She will be leaving for that Chicago suburb where they live about the last week of the month.

I got her back home and did a few errands for her there. Then I came on back home. She has one more doctor's appointment later this month on the 23rd. It's with her local nurse practitioner. He is not a doctor but the next best thing.

I stopped at Dr. Barta's and bought Missy's flea and tick med. I need to put that on her today.

When I finally got home I read awhile. Then Missy and I watched some TV before bed.

Keith called this evening and I had a nice visit with him while Missy and I were watching Amazon TV.  He is in San Diego until the 18th.

My Echo stopped working at putting out my lamp and I finally called Amazon and talked to a young man with an accent. I had to ask him to slow down and speak distinctly several times. I went on to bed even though I never got the Echo fixed. I will work on it again in the morning. It is 11:30PM now.


ChuckFu said...

Hey Mom, I'm in San Diego till the 18th Esther drove down with me Saturday Morning and flew back Monday afternoon. I came out from work here and found Seagulls had pooped all over my car since I parked under a tree, so today after work gonna get it washed near by will call later after work

Margie's Musings said...

Great, Keith. Sorry about the sea gull problem.