Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Tuesday and a Trip to Coffeyville

I slept much better last night. I had read most of the day so didn't get as much of that blue glow from the TV that damages your body's melatonin supply.

I will text Bob in a few minutes and see if he wants to meet for breakfast this morning, We generally have done that on Tuesday when I go to Coffeyville for my hair appointment.  I will also go to the bank and the market while there. I will have to check and see if we have fog this morning too.

So, more later...

So far so good. No fog....Bob says Joanne wants to meet for breakfast too. They will meet meet me there at Eggberts. I will leave about 7:15. Alexa says that is when dawn begins.  I should be there shortly after 7:30.  I am drinking my chai latte now. That will warm up my stomach.

I want to go out to Walmart after breakfast and get a few things. My hair appointment isn't until 9:00AM. Which I do first depends on how long we stay at Eggberts.  I will probably just go to the bank before my hair appointment. I will need money for the week.

Vic McCaren called last night. He had not seen my car in the carport there in Coffeyville for a couple of weeks and found out that I had moved. He wanted my address now. He brings me strawberries in May and peaches in the fall and wants to continue doing that. I am delighted.  I told him I could meet him in Coffeyville or if he comes up highway 75 from Porter, he could drop by Caney or I could meet him somewhere here and pick them up. He will call me when the time comes and we will decide.  It is so good of him to do that. He also takes some to Wayne, my old landlord on the block there in Coffeyville.

More even later after I get back home....

I met Bob and Joanne for breakfast and afterward went to the bank and then to get my hair done. After that, I went out to Walmart and bought the few things I needed. Then I came back home, put away my empty trash container and picked up my mail. I then warmed up some chili for my lunch and had some cheese and crackers with it and read my mail.

Nancy called me again,. She and Sandy had been to see Polly Pearsall at the nursing home and Nancy called to ask me if she had her temporary front tooth in when I was with her day before yesterday. She did have it in. Now she has mislaid it again. She really should go ahead and get the permanent one because it appears she is going to mislay this one from time to time. She should put it in the same place every time she takes it out. That's what I do with my hearing aid. I hope she finds it. Sandy is helping her look for it.

Leslie and John came a while ago. They had been delivering that liquid feed for cattle. Leslie hooked up my DVD player. Now I can watch a DVD if I cannot find anything I want to watch on TV or on Amazon Prime. I can even check them out at the library here.

I will read some more on my latest book that I checked out at the library. I am not particularly impressed with it but it is something to read.

More later in the day...

I finished the book "The Confession" and before I took it and the other one back to the library, I called Nancy to see if she had found her tooth...she had! Thank goodness! Then I went back to the library and returned the two books I had checked out and checked out two more. I may start one of those this evening if there's nothing interesting to watch on TV this evening.

More even later....

I read all evening until bath time and then after my bath, I read some more.

I went to bed at 9:00PM. 

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