Friday, June 28, 2019

Friday and Cleaning the Apartment

I slept fine and was up at 5:00AM. I have dressed and fed the kitties and myself I am now having my Chai.

I contacted Bob this morning and he asked me if our Blue Cross/Blue Shield came out of our banks. I checked and it did. $289.00 a month for a person who only sees a doctor twice a year. What a racket! But we have to have a supplement in case of a medical emergency. The supplement picks up the 20% that Medicare doesn't pay. At 83, I can't afford to take a chance.  But it sure takes a chunk out of my social security and at the end of the month too. I don't get my social security until the second Wednesday of the month.

Today, I will clean. I didn't get it done yesterday after taking the day to get my car serviced in Bartlesville and having lunch there with Bob.

This is the entrance to the hotel my son is staying at in Abu Dhabi.

 Image may contain: indoor

Beautiful, isn't it?

Mama cat and four kittens all ate cat food and then the kittens nursed too. Now all are full and exhausted and asleep.

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So cute!.

More later....

Nancy came over about 9:30AM and just got out of the beauty shop. She wanted to go to Brunch and I agreed if she would let me pay this time. She paid last time. We stayed until noon visiting. He son is coming this next week and she is apprehensive about that. The last time he came he wanted to put her in a nursing home and she refused.  That irritated him and he has seldom called her since. She is afraid he is going to make another try to get that done. She would rather get a woman she knows to come and stay with her instead of going to a nursing home.  It will be interesting to see how this works out. I don't blame her one bit.

After I brought her back here  to get her car, I went out to the Dollar General Store and bought a few things.

My daughter, Leslie, contacted me and invited me to come to her cookout birthday party on Monday and bring my swim suit. I have no idea what I will look like in a swim suit but I will take mine.  I am supposed to bring brownies. I will go back out to the dollar store and get a mix. I don't have one here. She is going to make homemade ice cream. yum!

More even later...

I watched some prime TV last night until 9:00PM. It was on  science. Very interesting!

I went on to bed at 9:00PM and tried to sleep through the fireworks noise.


marlu said...

That is a surprise to me that they sleep right there!

Margie's Musings said...

Me too. They must have been very exhausted!

Kay said...

Gracious! That is a very impressive hotel.
I wonder about care homes these days too. I worry about what I would do when I'm no longer able to care for myself.

Margie's Musings said...

I sure wouldn't go into a nursing home. They tell you when you can shower and when you eat and when you go to bed and when you get up.I am not into control like that. And I prefer not to live among dozens of people I don't even know.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

The kitties are so cute. The concrete sidewalk must be warm and cozy, and their tummies are full so it was a perfect place to nap. My old cat, Max loved to lay on our front yard sidewalk in very late afternoon right after he had his dinner. He would always come in right as the sun went down. He did that until he was 17 years old. One normal average day, he finished his kitty kibbles up, and wanted to go out and lay on his spot on the sidewalk. I let him out and he went out and lay down on the walk, just like always. It was a little past dark when my husband and I realized Max hadn't come in yet. I looked out the door and he was still sleeping in his spot. A short time later he was still laying there and I called Kitty, Kitty, and he didn't even look at me. I went out to see if he was all right, and he had passed away in his sleep, in his cozy warm place on the sidewalk.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

When I got to thinking about my old Max cat, I forgot to finish the rest of my comment.

I hope that your friend will be able to have her friend to stay with her and that she won't have to go into a nursing home. From what you write,it doesn't seem like that step would be necessary yet. Illness spreads through nursing homes like wildfire, too.

Sharma said...

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