Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Wednesday and a Storm

Suzanne brought me a small carton of homemade chicken and noodles yesterday when she came for our rent and another small carton of seedless watermelon. Boy was that watermelon good! I ate it all yesterday evening with my yogurt. I will have the chicken and noodles for lunch today! That was so sweet of her! She had made some for another friend of hers who is a shut in and thought of bringing some to me too.

I woke up this morning about 3:30AM to the noise of a terrible thunderstorm. In fact, briefly, the lights went off. Of course that killed the computer too and the Tivo least until I could reboot both. I also had to reset the clocks in the kitchen. The snails had uncovered the cat food and were eating it. I dumped them out and refilled the cat's dish. Soon several of the kittens and their mother came and ate all of it so I refilled it and they came back to eat again. I just covered it again so the snails will stay out of it.  I hate those nasty critters!

I have dressed and had my breakfast and coffee and Chai.

Needless to say, I didn't get the front yard re-mowed. I had seriously considered putting my jeans on yesterday evening and doing it but chickened out since I had already had my bath and didn't want to have another after mowing.  I had just mowed it a few days ago.

I will go over to Coffeyville this morning to get my hair done at 9:00AM and go to the bank. Then I will go out to Walmart and get the groceries I need.  I may just come on back home and put everything away and then go to Coffeyville again this afternoon. Otherwise I would have to hang out the rest of the morning there and through the noon hour until the 2:00PM services for Wayne. I will just pick up Marilyn at 1:30PM and we will go together.

More later...

I got over there about 8:30AM after driving through a roaring rainstorm. It's good I got there early because I went to the bank first and then drove to the beauty shop and Toni was ready for me. She got my hair done and I went out to Walmart to buy my little bag of groceries. While I was at Walmart, I took my blood pressure. I noticed lately that my ankles are swelling in the evening. The blood pressure was 158/80 so I decided to check into the PA at the clinic. They took my blood pressure and it was 156/76, The PA decided to change my blood pressure med and see if that will help me get rid of that fluid around my ankles.

Then I went to get the script filled and on to Braums and bought my milk before I came on back home to eat my lunch. I ate that chicken and noodles that Suzanne brought me yesterday.  It was delicious! Then I watched an episode of Dateline that I had recorded before coming in here to blog.

I had a text from Marilyn asking if it was alright for Evelyn from the fourplex to ride with us. Of course that was fine.

I will leave in a minute to go back to Coffeyville and pick them up. So more later...

I got there a little early but we visited and caught up on the news.  Then about 1:30, we left for the church. The service was well attended  especially since Wayne was 99. He had many family members there though. He was very well loved. Rev. Passwater gave the funeral sermon. I saw several people I knew there including Rev. Passwater's wife. This will be their last Sunday in Coffeyville. They are moving to Joplin to be near some grandchildren. She told me the new pastor at Trinity would be a younger man.

I got back home about 4:00PM and stopped at Sonic to have a cherry limeade slush. I brought it home with me. It has thundered some this afternoon but no more rain..thank goodness!

Later this evening I will take my bath and go to bed early. The thunder woke me up very early this morning and I will be tired.  I would love to have my front yard mowed but I just had my hair done this morning so it will be next Sunday evening or Monday morning early before I will do it. By then it will really need it.

More later.... 

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