Thursday, September 26, 2019

Thursday and Apartment Cleaning

I slept well again last night. Reading a paper book must be the trick to getting sleepy and staying asleep. I didn't watch TV an hour before I went to bed last night and I stayed off the computer and smart phone too.

I got up about 5:00AM this morning and made the bed and got myself ready for the day, fed myself and the cats and watched the episode of "Bull" I had missed on Monday and then some news.

I sent Scott a health newsletter that gave him some instructions on getting to sleep, and staying asleep. 

Then I worked on four new 2019 church directories, corrected wrong and new addresses, and took the Rowdens out of it. Several have died since the last directory and several have different addresses.

I have them ready to give to Karan now on Sunday to stitch together on her sewing machine.

I got seven more of the 1953 classmates' Coffeyville Reawakening folders ready for the mail and took them up and mailed them off.  That's 23 out of 63. It will take me awhile to get them all out in the mail. I now lack 40 having them done.

It's 10:33AM now and I just finished washing the kitchen and bathroom floors and vacuuming the apartment. I'm moving right along with my Thursday's activities. I do need to dust again. Wheren the dust come from is anybody's guess. I change the filters regularly.

I even took yesterday's newspapers over to Nancy's front porch when I was out doing my mailings. She is probably just getting up. No telling if she is well or sick again. It varies from day to day.

It's 11:20AM now and I am going to fix myself a chicken pot pie for lunch. More later....

I had the chicken pot pie for lunch and now I have to figure out what to have for supper. I am waiting for the Schwan's man now and he should be here this evening between 5:00PM and 8:00PM.

I went up to Gunny Sack and bought gas for the mower. I probably won't mow again until Monday or Tuesday. Mine looks fine now.  My neighbor mowed the front again but the back is about a foot tall. He likes using his dad's rider and it won't go through the back gate.

As far as I know there is nothing on TV this evening and I have read all afternoon. I may watch something on Amazon Prime this evening and then read some more.

I went by Nancy's and she and I went by the mechanic's place but he was closed. We were going to make an appointment for an oil change for her car. She may run by after her hair appointment in the morning and see if he's open then. Dale, her cousin, went to Independence and got Nancy's car registration taken care of for her. I am so glad he managed to get that done. Also, Sara, who was rear ended in her car a couple of days ago, is just fine. She was not hurt. 

I want to watch the news this evening and see how those hearings came out today. I will then watch another episode of "Murder She Wrote".

At 7:00PM, I will take my bath and read until 9:00PM and then go on to bed. It's been a busy day.

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