Thursday, December 12, 2019

Thursday and Reading Day

I woke up about 5:00AM and got up shortly after that. I had my oatmeal, coffee and part of my Chai. I fed the cats and two of the kittens.Then I checked my e-mail and went back to my book. I am reading Labyrinth, by Catherine Coulter. It is pretty riveting.

I went by the post office outside box and dropped in a letter I had that I didn't get into the mailbox that had the flag up yesterday.

Then I went by Nancy's house to see how she was feeling. She was fine...up and dressed. It was 10:30AM and we were going to go get lunch when her cousin Dale arrived.  We stayed an hour or so and visited with him. Then after he left, we went on to Eggberts and had lunch. Nancy didn't have any money with her and they are no longer accepting checks so I bought her lunch. She has bought mine several times so that was fine.

I then took her over to Myrtle's Market to look around at their Christmas decorations and lots of fun things. They have probably had a good month since much of what I saw the last time I was there had been sold..

When I got home I took up my book again. I read until 4:30PM when I put down the book and watched the news.

It's been a "different" day. I enjoyed my visit with Nancy and even that with Dale.

More later....

I went back to my book until 7:00PM when I took my bath, watched some "Dateline" I had recorded and then watched an episode of "Murder She Wrote".

I went to bed at 9:00PM as usual.

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