Friday, February 21, 2020

Friday and A Doctor's Appointment

I had a good night's sleep again. I did have to take a Rolaid at bedtime. I have been having some acid reflex for the past month or so.  I got up at 5:00PAM or shortly before it. I have been babying my right arm the past three days and that seems to help.  I even vacuumed with my left arm.

I fed three cats this morning and also myself. I had my oatmeal, coffee and chai and even a banana. Aftert the cats finished, I brought in the bowls and washed them.

At 8:30AM of so. I left for Coffeyville and my doctor's appointment.

When I got to Coffeyville I dropped by the bank and got some more cash. Then I went on to my appointment. His nurse, Lori, saw me first. She took blood pressure and sure enough it was too high. I had been taking 5mgs of blood pressure meds.  That was keeping it too low. Lori suggested he would put me on 2.5MG. Then his student came in and said the same thing.

When Dr. C. came in he agreed with them about the blood pressure med and told me to get a pill spliter and cut the 5mg blood pressure pills I have left in two. Then he told me to stop taking Rolaids and instead get some over the counter med called Omeprozole 20mg. to use instead of Rolaids. He also had me have some blood work done to be sure the stomach problem isn't a bacteria problem.

Then I left for Chanute to have lunch at Opie's with Gay and Adele and their friends. There were ten of us. It was a birthday party for Adele and Coleen.

I got there in plenty of time. I had taken birthday cards for Adele and Coleen. I was glad I did. Everyone else did too.

After we ate, we went to the art museum where they were having  an art exhibit. This one is nearly over. But next year they would like John to bring some of his art for their next February exhibit. I showed them some of his work on my phone and I gave them his name and telephone number. They will call him for their next exhibit.

Then after that, I came on back home. I picked up my mail and checked it out. Then I read the rest of my book.

It's 7:00PM now and I want to take my bath and put my pjs on and then I will go to bed at 9:00PM.


Kay said...

Gosh, Margie... I’m sorry you hurt your arm. I try to sleep on my left arm now because I hurt my right while in Maryland last December.

Margie's Musings said...

I hurt it first back in the 80's. I reached into the back seat to pick up a heavy briefcase and something went "pop"!It took me a year to get that to stop hurting. Then in the 1998s, doing exercises at the senior center it happened again. I had to give up the exercises at the senior center. It's been off and on ever since.