Sunday, February 16, 2020

Sunday and Coffee cake

I slept well last night. I woke up at 5:00AM and got up soon after that. I have dressed and had my breakfast and baked my coffeecake. It is cooling now.  I will ice it next.

I will take it and my cake for Tuesday to church this morning and put the cake in the freezer there. Bob will pick it up Tuesday when he takes the other cakes to Independence  for the dinner the First Christian church serves there on Tuesdays.

I had only two cats show up for breakfast this morning. One was Gray Mama cat the other one her yellow half grown kitten. It ate all it's food and left. Mama cat ate most of hers. But she's gone too. I will bring in the dishes when I finish here.

I need to ice the coffeecake now so I will get back to this after I get home from church.

More later....

I got the coffeecake iced and everything loaded into my car and started for church at 8:30AM. When I got there and got everything in the church, I got everything ready for church school class.

After class, We had the worship service, which was very good. Karan did a good job.

After church Phyllis and I went to "Just Us" for lunch and met Rick and Carmen there. Then after we ate and visited, I took Phyllis back to church and her car.  Then I came on back home.

I spent the afternoon getting Bob's med list copied for Keith and Esther. They are going to look on GoodRx for the best prices for him to get the meds he takes. After I finished that, I did the congregational newsletter. I did it on the notebook and could not get that copy of Word formatted correwctly.

I finally came into the den and used the laptop to do it everyone on my list will get two copies of it...only one formatted correctly.

I watched 60 Minutes with one eye and read my book with the other. I stayed up until 11:00PM reading and when I finally went to bed, I slept fitfully off and on all night. My right arm hurt terribly. I took two Aleve but that didn't help a bit. I finally got up about 5:30AM or so.

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