Monday, February 17, 2020

Monday and a Hurting Arm

I got up this morning about 5:30AM or so and dressed and had my breakfast.  I texted Bob after 6:00AM.

Threc cats showed up for their breakfast this morning . I fed two yellow cats and I gray mama cat. Later after one of the yellow cats left, another gray cat showed up too. Then I brought the bowls in and washed them.

I watched the Tulsa news for awhile today and then the CBS news but I was busy reading my book so I didn't absorb a lot of it.

My arm finally stopped aching after I had been up awhile. The problem may have been that I was lying down and the arm could not get comfortable. Anyhow, two Aleve tablets didn't help a bit last night. They usually do but not this time.

I have nothing planned for today since it is President's Day so I guess I will read my last book.

More later...

I spent some time working on the sermon I am to give March 1st. I think it's pretty much finished now.

Then I read all afternoon after eating the rest of the Japanese food I brought home from the Valentine dinner on Saturday.  I finished the last of the three books I had checked out. It's 4:45PM now and in a little bit I will watch the news.

More later....

Bob called me to say he was not feeling well and asked if I could pick up the cakes at church and take them to the First Christian Church at Independence this morning. Of course, I was glad to help. He had them all together at our church so that will be fairly easy to do. I will leave at 8:00AM in the morning and go over to our church to pick them up and take them to Independence.

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