Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Tuesday and a Slow Day

I slept fairly well last night and got up at 5:20AM, dressed and had my oatmeal. I haven't checked yet for cats. I just finished my coffee and will start on my Chai next. I had better check for cats first. They are probably very hungry.I will get back to this as soon as I feed them.

Sure enough Gray mama cat was out there impatiently waiting for me to feed her.  When I took her bowl out I took the two blue bowls out too. And when I turned on the light after I came back in two other of the cats were out there eating too. One was one of the young gray ones and the other was one of the yellow ones.

I just texted Bob and he is awake and getting ready for the day. I text him every morning around 6:00AM just to make sure he's alright. If I don't hear from him in 5 minutes, I call. Denise, his daughter, doesn't check on him that early and Joanne, his girlfriend, sleeps late. If he doesn't answer, I will either call Denise or Joanne or go over there myself. He has the atrial fibrillation and has been in the emergency room six times over the years. He also has spinal stenosis and uses a cane. He has fallen twice.

More later....

Got a new photo of my son and daughter-in-law's new home.

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I am dying to see it in person this Christmastime.

More later...

I watched the last two episodes of "Bull" this morning before lunch.  I had recorded them when I couldn't stay up long enough to see them on TV .

I stopped at the food pantry and got some veggies and bananas this morning.I will take some of it to Bob and Joanne if I can get to Coffeyville tomorrow.

We are forecast for snow tonight and tomorrow so I drove up to Independence to the Walmart there this morning. I knew I had several things on my list and am not sure I can get to Coffeyville tomorrow if we have snow tonight and tomorrow . Especially since I drive over there very early to take Bob to Eggbert's for breakfast. So I bought my $30.00 worth of stuff there in Independence. Then when I got home I had a reminder from Sherry Epp about our trip with the Gone For Awhile Tour  to Overland Park on April 1st to the New Theatre dinner theater. I was supposed to have my $90. in to her on Friday so I wrote my check and made a trip up to the post office to get it in today' s mail.

Then I got a reminder from Shirley Wilson about the women's retreat the last weekend in April and that three day retreat will be another $70.  Always something! My Blue Cross/ Blue Shield Medicare supplement comes out the 28th of every month and that will be another $312.72. As I said, it's always something. But I am sure that is true of all of you that read this blog.

Well I had better get off the computer or I will have another sore arm this evening and it will interfere with my night's sleep. Pounding on the keys aggravates it.

So more later...in the morning.

I read all afternoon and finally took my bath at 7:00PM and went to bed at 9:30PM.  

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