Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sunday and Coffee Cake

I slept off and on last night. It's seldom a full night's rest.

I got up about 5:00AM and made the bed and got myself ready for the day. I came in the living room with the notebook to check my e-mail. There was not a lot of e-mail except for spam.

Soon after I came into the living room I heard some of the cats outside my door so I got the cat food ready and was going to take it out the front door but the mama cat was all ready to push her way into the doorway. It had been raining.... so again I had to go out through the garage and walk over to the front doorway. Mama cat follows me all the way and gets right under my feet so I have to be very careful not to trip over her.

After they began to eat I was able to walk back to the garage without her getting under my feet.

Then I began working on the coffee cake and soon had it in the over. It is baking now.

I am going to try to do my typing in the mornings instead of the evenings. When I do it in the evening my right  arm hurts and keeps me from being able to sleep. I took two Aleve to even get to sleep last night and even then, it was spotty.

So, more later...I will need to get the coffee cake out of the oven cooled and then iced. I want to leave for church at 8:30AM and it's 7:30AM right now.

I got the coffee cake finished and iced and left for church at 8:30AM. We had a good Church school class  and a good worship service too. We had visitors this morning too. It is a young Native American man with three small boys. He works with Johnna and she invited them. They are very nice. He thinks a lot of Johnna and I can understand why. She is a wonderful woman....very caring and generous. He has total custody of the boys and has to work hard to manage a schedule for them and his work too,

After church Phyllis and Bob and I went to Great China for lunch and had a good lunch.

I read all evening after 60 Minutes was over and finished my second book. One more to go. Then I will go back to the library for another three.

I never did see Pablo this evening. I was going to ask him to put the blocks under the headboard of my bed.  They spend a lot of time with their parents on the weekends. Maybe I will catch him sometime tomorrow.

After 7:00PM, I took my bath and at 900PM I went on to bed.


Kay said...

I’m sure your coffee cake was delicious. I wish you could get more sleep though. I suffer from the same problem.

Margie's Musings said...

It seems to be prevalent as we age. For one thing, the television, smart phones and computers all emit a yellow light that interferes with the melatonin our bodies make to help us sleep.

Donna. W said...

Yeah, I never sleep longer than 6 hours, and feel blessed if I get that much. I’ve been taking melatonin lately. It doesn’t make me sleep longer, but I seem to go to sleep faster and sleep through the night better.