Thursday, October 21, 2021

Thursday and Apartment Cleaning

I slept poorly again last night. I was too tired for one thing. Plus, at 2:00AM this morning my phone buzzed as though I had a message but try as I could, I couldn't find anything new at all. I went back to sleep only to have that happen again. So I silenced it so I could get back to sleep. Then I woke up at 5:00AM, my regular waking time, and just got up this time. I clean today so I was hoping to feel rested.

And at 1:00PM, I take Nancy to Anissa's, the hairdresser, to get her hair done. Afterward we are to have lunch out somewhere.That's a treat for both of us. She always insists on paying for my lunch too so I let her. She feels better about me taking her everywhere she needs to go that way. That's all I have on the calendar for today. Maybe I will get back to reading

While I was at Nancy's yesterday afternoon, I made sure she ate something for supper before she took her meds. In fact I dropped by Sonic and bought two child's Wacky Packs with chicken and french fries.and a small coke and took them to her house and ate with her. After she took her evening meds then,.I laid out the ones she is supposed to take this morning after she has some breakfast. She has several boxes of cereal she can eat from before taking her morning meds.

I will find out in the morning if she has had some breakfast and taken her morning meds.  Then at 1:00PM, I will take her to her hair appointment at Anissa's and afterward to eat out somewhere....probably Copan Truck Stop. 

So more later...I want to try to watch "the weather on the 8's" and check on the's almost 6:30AM now. I will get back to this after I get my housework finished.

Only Scruff came for breakfast and so I fed her. Then when she was finished I took the leftover food to the garage and covered it. I did see the "weather on the 8's" this time. It looks like we may have rain a day or two this next week.

When the commercials started on the TV, I started mopping the bare floors. Then I ran the vacuum sweeper over the carpets. Once again, I had a big wad of dirt when I cleaned up the sweeper. I am happy the new owners of the duplex are going to put down new carpet. The woman who lived here before me was disabled and unable to keep the apartment clean. Even though Suzanne had the carpet cleaned before I moved in here, I am sure the dirt is on the pad under it and also between the carpet and the pad. 

It will be a mess to take the furniture out of the apartment though. I only want the living room, bedroom and hall re-carpeted.The den room is fine with indoor/outdoor carpet. It's mostly for my computers anyhow and the daybed. I do have three bookcases in there too. Luckily they won't be doing that room. I don't know when they intend to do the new carpeting.  They didn't say.

I don't want carpeting in the dining room either.  It has the new vinyl flooring on it with my area rug on top of that. I used that area rug there when I lived in the fourplex in Coffeyville too.

More later...

I went over to Nancy's this morning to make sure she was going to eat something before she took her morning meds and discovered that she had taken them after I left last evening. I should not have left them laying out in the little paper cup on the table. This morning she was nauseated and I'm not surprised. She had taken her evening meds while I was there having dinner with her and then after I left she took her morning pills too. So I thought it best she not take anymore pills this morning. I did give her one of her nausea pills and her dementia pill. She was so nauseated. She only has one nausea pill left and I called the drug store for a refill. I will check later this afternoon and see if they have got Patty to refill that prescription. I will  go over later this evening and see to it that she eats something and then give her her evening pills. She gets very confused and has problems with her memory. That's the dementia. If it gets much worse, she may HAVE to go into assisted living.

I got a text from Stephen, my new landlord, and the carpet place wants to measure our apartments this afternoon. I told him I would be gone at 1:00PM to take Nancy to the hairdresser. But he has the key to my place and he can let them in if I am still gone when they are ready to measure my apartment this afternoon. 

After she got her hair done we did go to Copan Truck Stop and she bought our lunch.

More even later...

The Lowe's people came and measured our apartments  for carpet but they are six months behind on getting carpet laid so it will be awhile before we get the new carpet.

Krystal mowed my yard today and got the entire yard mowed...leaves and all.

May be an image of tree and grass

 This is the back yard...


May be an image of outdoors 

And this is the front yard.

 May be an image of grass and tree

This is the west side yard. She does such a good job!!

It's 5:00PM now and I will record the news and then go over to Nancy's and make sure she eats something and then takes her evening meds. 

More even later... watch the evening news after I get home. 

I went over to Nancy's  and made sure she ate some food before she took her evening meds. She did that fact she ate the rest of her lunch salad and then took her meds. 

After that I came home and watched the CBS  news I had recorded. Now it's almost 7:00PM and I think I will take my bath and read until bedtime.


Galla Creek said...

Excited about your new carpet!

Margie's Musings said...

Yes, but they are six months behind on getting carper shipped and installed so it will be awhile!!