Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Plans

Today I plan to clean house and do my laundry. Then at noon I will go to Independence to meet Leslie for lunch. There I will mail off our package to Sage ( my great granddaughter,in Lawrence.

Tomorrow I will go back up for my board meeting in Independence. After that I plan to see Phyllis over at Windsor. That is also John's birthday. I will send off his birthday card today.

Wednesday, once again I get my hair done in Independence and Juanita and I will have breakfast at Eggberts there. So far, those are my plans for the week.

I had a stopped up sewer line this morning and had to call a plumber. He came about 10:00 and reamed it out. It is working fine now. Just another bill though...

I got our birthday gifts sent off to Sage this afternoon. She will be seven on Thursday.

By the way, a nurse friend of mine posted this link about medication.

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