Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Another Busy Tuesday

Today will be another busy Tuesday. I went job hunting yesterday so I won't job hunt today. I need to get my hair done at 11:30 in Independence so I will pick up Bob A. and take him with me to have lunch at Big Cheese. First thing this morning, I need to go vote at 7:00 or so. Then I will go on to work. After we get back from lunch in Independence, I will come on back home and go see Phyllis and Gerry.

I brought Slinky into the kitchen this morning. It was 31 degrees outside and that's too cold for him. I fixed him hot oatmeal this morning and I hope that helped. I guess I will look for a new stronger cushion for him to sleep on when he has to come in the house.

I hope it warms up a bit before 7:00 because I need to go vote.

More later....


marlu said...

I left a comment to your comment on my blog! I don't know if I should have left it there or here!

They tell me I need to do this to keep me going - but maybe it's to keep them going!

Margie's Musings said...

I saw your post. Thanks for leaving a comment here, Marlu. It's good to hear from those who stop by.