Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Thank Goodness!!

I am so glad it's Friday. There wasn't a whole lot going at work this morning and what I did do I got finished early. I left about ten till the hour.

I took my old watch to the jeweler to have a battery put in it and he charged me $7.50. Next time I'll take it to Bartlesville where they charge $2.00. This watch is very old. I think I got it in the 80's. One year I had taken a watch in for cleaning that Bob had given me for our anniversry. They sent it off to be cleaned and adjusted and it was lost in the mail. I was heartsick about it and they let me choose any watch I wanted to replace it. It was a Seiko so I chose another Seiko and this one had a diamond right in it's center. I wore it for years but then I wanted one with numbers instead of dashes and bought another one....a cheaper one. It died about the same time Bob died and I have been wearing his. It has made my wrist sore though so I dug out this old one.

I have been cleaning up the yard again this afternoon. I thought I was finished yesterday but found some more leaves to bag and also cut back my decorative grasses. I need to bag that stuff too and then trim and go get some mulch and start mulching. What a mess!

I hope to get this done this afternoon so I can do my laundry in the morning. I have been working for an hour and then coming in and resting after I get all hot and sweaty. I will drink a glass of tea before resuming my job.

It's been another hour and I am finished with the "cleaning up" Now after I rest awhile, I will try to get the trimming done (if the trimmer works after setting all winter). I may have to leave the mulching until early in the morning unless I recover. I'm exhausted!!

More later...

Well, I got the trimming done. All I lack is the mulching and I believe I'm going to leave that until tomorrow morning. I'm exhausted!! It's after 4:00 and I've been at it all afternoon.


Grammy said...

Hey, friend...your days sound a lot like mine, only you stay busier than I do, and I am not well enough to do yard work, or at least not a lot of it. I'm having some young people from Carol and Daryl's church tomorrow to come in and do yard work for me. I'll give them a donation, and get work done in return. It is difficult days without our loving husbands, isn't it? God bless you. Thanks for all your support.

Margie's Musings said...

You bet, Ruby. We need all the support we can get nowadays.

I can't afford to have my yard work done and I probably need the exercise anyhow. I just live from payday to payday anymore since Bob is gone.

It's not a lot of fun but I try to make the best of it.

What else can I do?