Thursday, April 18, 2019

Thursday and Dean Arrives

We were under storm warnings yesterday and Dean decided to come today instead. He is to be here before noon. He said it takes about two hours to drive from Topeka and he plans to leave at 9:00AM.

I had washed the sheets on my bed and changed the bed for him so I slept on the trundle last night. I slept pretty well considering the situation. I was very hoarse yesterday and could hardly be understood. The drainage has made me have laryngitis.  I have more voice today.

I cleaned the leaves out of my hedge yesterday and generally cleaned up the yard. I need to pick up sticks again before I mow again next week. 

I read the new free Amazon book I had downloaded yesterday afternoon and finished it this morning.  It was pretty good. I think the name of it was "The Fifth Sister".

I am dressed and have had my breakfast and two cups of warm drinks. That may help loosen up my voice.

I see they are having problems with the weather channel this morning and we have no "local on the 8s" weather yet.

More later...

I went to buy some gas at Casey's this morning. I didn't get it at Coffeyville, yesterday where it would have been cheaper because the wind was blowing too hard. I had already lost my voice and didn't need anymore exposure to the wind.

I watched the interview of the AG as he tried to explain why he redacted the Mueller Report the way he did.  I am sure the Democratic House will examine it carefully. Mueller didn'y come to any conclusion about the obstruction part of it, but Barr did. He went one step further. There are 10 instances where the President might be found attempting to "obstruct" the  investigation.

"In the report’s second volume, Mueller’s team documented 10 instances of Trump trying to impede the investigation or directing his staff to do so (including firing Mueller). Ultimately, Mueller chose not to say whether Trump did or did not obstruct justice.

The report suggests, though, that Trump feared the special counsel's investigation and what it might find". 

Dean is not here yet and probably will not be here before noon. He was to leave Topeka at 9:00AM but I don't know if he is going to check on his farm first or come here first.

I'll know when he comes.

More later...

Dean came about 11:00AM and was his usual charming self. We visited for about 45 minutes and then I asked him if he would like a sandwich for lunch. He instead suggested we go out to Eggberts and have lunch. And that's what we did. We sat there for the better part of an hour swapping life stories and bringing one another up to date. I did not know Dean very well in school. He ran with a different crowd and I was always either in school or working my several part time jobs after school and on Saturdays. I dated a lot of neat guys over my school years but Dean was not one of them. He graduated and went on to KU and I worked at the Journal there in Coffeyville reading proof. I did attend classes at Coffeyville Junior College but only one year. Then I met Bob and it was a whirlwind courtship and he wanted to get married. I quit my job in March and we were married in April.  Bob was in the Air Force at the time so we moved to San Antonio.  I lost track of my classmates for at least a year until he finished his last year of the Air Force and we moved back to Coffeyville.

Several years after that, I got my first class newsletter from Dean. He was a self appointed class locator and sent out a class newsletter every year for several years.  Then he passed the newsletter on to a woman from Oklahoma City area and she passed it on in time to one in Arkansas. That woman  passed it on to me 21 years ago and I have had it ever since.

We came back to my apartment after lunch and sat and visited awhile. Later, that afternoon we went over to Coffeyville and we did a lot of looking around for him to see how the town had changed and to give him a chance to see the farm he has there in South Coffeyville. He leases it out to a farmer who plants it in hay. Then we drove around town so he could see all the changes and he showed me where his family had lived.  Then we visited the cemetary so he could see where some of his relatives were buried.

Later that afternoon we went to Bartlesville and ate at the Painted Horse, one of their newer restaurants.  It was good but very noisy and we both wear hearing aids so we had to sit on the same side of the table to hear one another.

He drove through town one the way back to see how much Bartlesville had changed too. Then we drove out near Osage Hills State Park but it was getting too late by that time so he turned around and we came back to Caney in time to watch the news and a program of American Experience on Amazon Prime TV.

I took my bath during that and got my PJs and robe on and watched the rest of the program with him and he brought in his bags and got ready for bed. I pulled the trundle out from under the daybed and went on to bed in the den.

It was a big day for both of us. I am still fighting my laryngitis and I am not sure it isn't a sinus infection. I feel alright but I have this drainage and a cough and of course, I have almost lost my voice. 

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