Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Tuesday and a New Revelation

I slept well last night but it was because I took a Benadryl capsule. I discovered that what I thought was allergies, was instead... a cold. I have blown and blown but my best defense is Zinc Lozenges. That seems to help more then anything. I was miserable when I awoke this morning but after a couple of Zinc Lozenges I feel much better. I thought about contacting Dean and asking him to postpone his visit but I looked and the next week and I have that women's retreat then. So I am just hoping I have nipped this thing in the bud by catching it early.

I will strip my bed this morning and put new sheets on the bed and hope Dean will not catch the cold.

After awhile, I want to finish mowing that last two strips of grass I didn't have the energy to finish yesterday. I also want to vacuum the apartment.

I go to Coffeyville tomorrow to get my hair done at 10:00AM. Then I will get right back to Caney so I won't miss Dean in case he comes early. It may rain tomorrow afternoon.


I got the rest of the mowing done. And I worked the crossword puzzle in the Reporter too. The internet is down at Cox so I can't check the e-mail.

Now I had better vacuum the apartment. It's 11:35AM  now. First I will have my lunch.

So more later...

I took  Zinc lozenges all afternoon and the cold seems to be mostly gone now.

I called Cox Complete Care to find out why I had no internet. Cox had a major mail outage today. The tech I got wanted to do my updates on Windows and that took half the afternoon. Then I lost my internet connection on the USB Wireless Adapter connection. Nothing I did would hook it up again.  Usually I could reboot the computer and it would find the adapter but this time that did not work.

So  I called Cox Complete Care again and got a different tech. Of course I had no internet on the desktop computer so he had to walk me through trying to get it reconnected over the telephone.

Nothing we did helped so finally he wanted me to text Leslie and see if she used a CD to install that USB Adapter. I knew I didn't have a clue about where that would be located. I opened the CD drawer on the desktop and there it was! So he walked me through reinstalling the USB Adapter. Getting back online had taken all afternoon after trying everything else first but we finally got it done.

By that time it was 5:30PM and the entire day was over.  I just ate some yogurt for my dinner.

I never did get the vacuuming done. Luckily I had just done that when I got home from Independence, Missouri.

At 7:00PM or 7:30PM, I will take my bath and put my PJs on and try to get to bed at 9:00PM or so.

By the way, I set my little solar kitty out in the sunshine today and it is still glowing. Cute, isn't it?

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