Friday, May 17, 2019

Friday and a Birthday Cake

I slept very well last night and only got up once. I have dressed and had my breakfast and coffee and Chai and am thinking seriously about mowing this morning before I go back to Coffeyville to the senior center lunch. The lunch starts at 11:00AM so I have plenty of time. It's supposed to rain tomorrow so if I don't get it done this morning, I won't get it done until Monday and by then it will be very high.  About 8:00AM, I plan to start. I may not get all of it done today but I would like to get the front and the back. Those are the easiest to do. The side yard is more of a challenge.

After the lunch at 11:00AM, I will stop by Country Mart and pick up Wayne's birthday cake. Then I will take it by Bill and Evelyn's and ask Evelyn to put it in her frig until Marilyn gets home. Marilyn will stay at the senior center until they get the kitchen cleaned up after the luncheon.

I am getting some laundry done this morning. I cleaned yesterday.I may get some of those red edging bricks while I am in Coffeyville this morning. I would like to put them around that small area under my hanging plant. Then I would put some mulch on that bare place under the plant.

So, more later...

It's just now 8:00AM and I just finished mowing the front and the back. The side yard will have to wait. I am bushed! And I emptied the grass catcher into the Bag Buddy and swept up what came out from under the mower.  I will do the side yard this evening if I have fully recovered by then. :) I know mowing is good exercise so I want to do it as long as I can. I know July and August will have to be mowed by someone a lot younger then I am. But I want to wait until I really need the help.

This is the back yard.

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And this is the front yard.

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Well, it sounds like the dryer is finished so I had better fold out the towels and put away the underwear.

So more later...

Right after I finished that, I took off for Coffeyville. I wanted to pick up some stones at Orschleln's to line the flowerbed in the front so I could use the rest of my mulch. Then I went on to the dinner and it was very good!

I stopped at Country Mart and picked up Wayne's birthday cake for Monday and also stopped at Tyro and bought one of those Amish pies. They are wonderful! I will fix my meatloaf on Sunday and take that and the peach pie to the church dinner after the worship service.

I got that mulching finished and will post a photo of the result shortly.

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Here it is. It looks a lot better now.  I will get back to this later...Right now, I will watch some Amazon Prime TV. While sitting on the sofa watching TV, I felt a mild tremor of one of our earthquakes in this area. These are caused by oil companies injecting water into the old wells. This one was a 4.4.

It is almost 5:00PM now and it is still 83 degrees and way too hot for me to mow my side yard. If it cools down this evening, I will get it done. We are forecast for rain tonight and if it rains, I won't get it done in the morning either. If it cools down some this evening, I will try to mow...otherwise, it will just have to wait.

I talked to Bob this evening about the dinner theater in Overland Park in July. I have printed off the information for him and Joanne and also Phyllis. I will take it to church. While I had him on the phone he asked me if I was planning on making baked beans for Sunday's dinner. I told him about the pie I had  bought and the meatloaf I was going to bake and he said he was going to fix the baked beans then. That worked out well!

It's 5:50PM and it cooled off just enough for me to mow the side yard. Plus there was a little breeze and that helped a lot! I am so pleased! I knew we were forecast for rain tonight and I really wanted to finish the entire job for this week.

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Here is the side yard! Finished!!!

I checked my son's facebook page and found an update of their new home going up now.

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As you can see, it's coming right along!

I will wait until 7:00PM  to take my bath and put my pjs on at that time and get myself ready for bed. It's only 6:15PM now.

I will want to go to bed at 9:00PM. It's been a big day!


Sister--Three said...

Everything is beautiful

Margie's Musings said...

Sure looks nice right after I mow. Thanks for your comment.