Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Wednesday and a Busy Day

I slept poorly after 2:30AM last night. A dream woke me up. I finally just got up at 4:00AM because I couldn't shut my mind down after that.  I have dressed and had my breakfast and coffee and Chai. It's now 5:05AM and I will text Bob after awhile to make sure he is o.k. It has been a year since his last atrial fibrillation event. They may have his meds regulated correctly now.

I have a 10:00AM hair appointment in Coffeyville. I will go to the bank and Walmart while there and have lunch there and afterward I will attend the bunco games at Asbury Village.  This is my big/full day.

I still want to look for my red bucket in the attic. I want to use it to dip out my red mulch. I have left the bag in the trunk of my car since it is too large and heavy for me to move. If I can find my bucket, I will just cut open the bag and take what I need out with the bucket and mulch the flowerbed and leave the rest of the bag in the trunk.

More later...

I had a very busy day! I went over at 6:30AM and picked Bob up for breakfast.  After that, I took him back to his apartment and then I went to the bank and the out to Walmart and bought what groceries I needed.

 I took my plastic bags by the Genesis office and then had a milkshake for my lunch.

Then I had my hair done and after that did some shopping for my June prizes for bunco at the senior center. I dropped by Karan's and reminded her of the bunco at Asbury Village. She had forgotten. She had been raking and bagging up the leaves in her yard. But she finished and then cleaned up for bunco.

After Bunco, I went by the Country Mart store and ordered a strawberry cake for Wayne's 99th birthday on Monday. Marilyn will buy ice cream and we will have a party for him on Monday. I stopped and bought a cute birthday card for him and took it over to Marilyn's for Evelyn and her to sign it. Evelyn will get Bill to sign it too. I am to go back to Coffeyville tomorrow noon and help at the Bloodmobile. Then I will pick up the birthday cake on Friday after the lunch at the senior center and take it to Marilyn's so she can put it in her frig to save until Monday. We will have the party Monday at 2:00PM. at Wayne's home. It will be a busy week.

Sometime I will need to mow if the weather holds.  Suzanne called me today to have lunch with her but I was over to Coffeyville and had to take a rain check.

More later...

I watched TV until 10:00PM when I realized I had dozed off. I finally got up and went to bed then.

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