Monday, May 20, 2019

Monday and An Answer to Poor Sleep

I woke up about 2:30AM and was having a time getting back to sleep. Finally I got up and had Alexa play some soothing soft music for me for thirty minutes.  That put me back to sleep. That may be a new way for me to sleep better.

I got up at 5:00AM and stripped my bed and washed the sheets and my underwear.  Then I remade the bed before having a light breakfast of oatmeal and coffee and my Chai.  Nancy and I are having breakfast at 9:30AM this morning and that will be my lunch. I am to go over to Wayne's at Coffeyville at 2:00PM for that birthday cake and ice cream we have planned. In the event of bad stormy weather, I will not go and Bill and Evelyn and Marilyn can celebrate with him since they live right next door.  I will be disappointed but safer.

More later...

We are under a severe thunderstorm watch here in Caney.   I will wait to start to Coffeyville until I see what is going to happen. If we have any severe threat or even hail, I will not go. It would not be worth it.

I emptied the rest of the bag of mulch into the dirt area behind my hedge. I would like to buy another small bag of red mulch to finish covering that area. It's only about half done. I have also swept out the garage and emptied the trash.  I would have mowed the front yard but the rain has started now. I just took my reunion registration form out to the mailbox and it was beginning.

Nancy and I went out to Eggberts and had breakfast. That will be my lunch.  It is 11:28AM now and I am full as a tick.

More even later...

My mailman just dropped by to get my eldest son's address and telephone number so he could invite him to their 45th class reunion this weekend. That's very short notice so the possibility of he and Esther getting to come is very small. The storms are to clear by Saturday but all the rest of the week we are forecast for storms. In fact we are under storm warnings right now so it is going to be very iffy if I get to go to Coffeyville to Wayne's birthday party this afternoon. I sure don't want to get into heavy rain or hail.

More later...

The rain let up almost altogether at 1:40 and I texted Marilyn to see if it had done that in Coffeyville and it had. I told her I was coming.  I got there about 5 minutes after 2:00PM and the Russells and Marilyn were already over there.  So I grabbed my umbrella and walked over to Wayne's. They were waiting for me to cut the cake and Evelyn scooped out the ice cream.  The cake turned out very well and was good and the ice cream Marilyn bought was also very good. I had a nice visit with everyone and Wayne really seemed to enjoy the company.  Merrill was there too and he enjoyed everything too. Before I left I asked Wayne for a hug and told him we would have another party next year when he turned 100 and he had better be around. I also got a hug from Merrill. Merrill takes very good care of his dad.  I was so glad I went!

Just as we were leaving, the rain moved back in and all the way home I didn't drive over 50 miles an hour. It rained cats and dogs! Just as I got back into Caney, it let up again some. It's 3:15PM now.

More even later...

I moved my hanging plant into the front doorway porch this evening. It looked like it was getting drowned. The State street was curb full of water.

We had a heck of a storm this evening and I finally just took my bath and went to bed sometime after 9:00PM.

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