Sunday, June 16, 2019

Sunday and Church

I slept well again last night. I woke up after 4:00AM and it was raining hard. About 5:00AM, I got up and dressed and made my coffee cake.

I have fed the little gray cat and myself. He/she ate everything in the bowl and didn't leave anything for the snails or the other yellow cat. That's fine! He/she is the small one who looked like a starving stray when I moved in here in January.

The coffeecake is out of the oven and cooling now. When it cools, I will put the icing on it.

I am glad I got the front lawn mowed last evening. I don't know when I will get the side and back done since it's supposed to rain almost all week.

I wonder how my daughter and son-in-law are doing at Roaring River?  They are there this weekend. I don't know if it's raining there.

More later....

We will have at least six gone from church today. We may have a very small congregation. ...especially since it's raining and forecast for even more.

We did have a small congregation today but it went well.

Bob and Phyllis and I went to "Just Us" for lunch and then Rick and Carmen came too. They were full! Luckily, I had called ahead with a reservation.

We had a good lunch! I drove. I had just filled up with gas yesterday.

I got home about 2:00PM and did the newsletters and also put together another two directories. On Tuesday, I will need to get another print cartridge. The one I had in there is fairly new and was an "extra" large one (and extra expensive)  but it ran out of the black ink today. I don't think it's even a month old. Still I will need one. I will just have to bite the bullet and buy another one.

I watched 60 Minutes after that and they had an extra program too and I watched it.

I went across the street and took my neighbor there one of the pieces of leftover coffeecake. I had only had two used out of the pan at church.  His name is "Tim" but I didn't catch his last name. He had John for his science teacher in high school. He had recognized him when the kids were here working on the mower last week. He seems like a nice young man. His wife is having a baby in two months and my new neighbors that are moving in next door next month are having one in nine weeks so I will have two new babies in the immediate neighborhood very soon.

I took Alice a couple of pieces of my coffeecake too.

I will go to bed shortly. It's been long day. I had hoped to mow this evening but I went out and checked out the grass about 7:00PM and it is still too wet to mow.

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