Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Tuesday and Up Before Five

I slept well last night but woke up very early. I realized I never did remember to put the laundry in the dryer yesterday evening and so I did that and started the dryer. Then I went back to bed until almost 5:00AM.

I got up then and dressed and had my breakfast and watched the weather on TV before coming in here for the blog.  I always wait for the "weather on the eights" before walking away from the TV weather. That gives me a more "local" weather report. Tulsa is over 70 miles away and their weather is usually not our weather.

I am in a quandary about today. I would like to go up to Chanute to see Gay and Adele but I need to be sure of the forecast first and check with them to see if they are available today before I make a plan like that. I may call Gay later on this morning. According to my phone there is only a 30% chance of rain here today but I don't know about Chanute. That's over 50 miles north of here.

Back to this later...

There is great progress on my son and daughter-in-law's new home:

Image may contain: house, sky and outdoor 

Roof on and brick laid. Next stone where paper is and upper wood siding applied and porch floor poured. Most the electric is strung inside and out, with can lights installed. the plumbing is completed. Lighting fixtures, inside wood flooring are ordered and meet with builder Ken Louallen Sr. for following next step(s). — 

More later...

Well, I decided to go to Chanute this afternoon and have lunch with Gay and have a visit. We really enjoyed that.  She ended up buying my lunch. She said I drove up there and she wanted to buy my lunch. You can't beat a deal like that! 

I dropped by John and Leslie's and gave them the garage door opener Suzanne gave me yesterday to give to them....just in case something unforeseen would happen, they could get into the apartment through the garage. Then I went on to Chanute. On the way home,  I stopped again and They gave me three pounds of their ground beef.  When I got home, I put that in the freezer for later use.

Then I decided to mow. I checked the oil and added gas to the mower and then decided the oil might need a little more. When I had my Dixon mower over on Catalina, every once in awhile we had to add a little oil.  

I made a few passes on the front yard and then black smoke started pouring out of the mower. I quickly turned it off and contacted Leslie. That had never happened before. I was afraid it might catch fire. They were going to Bartlesville to eat out so they dropped by here and John looked it over. It was dripping oil (or gas) I couldn't tell which.  John discovered I had put some oil in it and it really did not need any oil so it was sucking the oil into the filter and dripping it from there onto the deck. 

What a mess! He cleaned the filter out with some gasoline and got the mower running again but they were going to drop by Lowe's in Bartlesville and get a new filter for it. After they left and I cooled off a bit, I went back out and finished the mowing. By then I was soaked again so I drank a lot of water and took a bath. The mowing was finished for another week. 

They dropped back by after they had dinner and John put the new filter in it.

Leslie told me she had intended to finish the mowing for me and then discovered that I had done it myself. Those kids are a blessing! I don't know what I would have done without John.  He knew exactly what to do after he figured out what I had done. I am such a dunce when it comes to anything mechanical!

Anyhow, I am ready for my hair to be done tomorrow.

I have had my bath and have my pjs on and it is 8:40PM. In a little while I will go on to bed. It had been a big day.


Sister--Three said...

After all that perspiring and work mowing you should sleep well tonight.

Margie's Musings said...

You're so right, Sister-Three!