Friday, October 18, 2019

Friday and a Two Dollar Meal

I had a problem getting to sleep last night and ended up taking a Benadryl pill. My allergies are going crazy. I slept like a log after that. Unfortunately most allergy pills have the side effects of memory problems. I prefer not to take them unless absolutely necessary..

I will go over to Coffeyville about 10:30 for their $2.00 chili lunch at the senior center. They serve it from 11:00AM until 12:30PM. Asbury Village fixes the meal the third Friday of every month. They charge $2.00 for their lunch and then they donate the money to the senior center. It's a great service. The lunch is always good too. The fellowship is also good.

I really don't have anything else to do while I am there. But a $2.00 lunch is hard to pass up. I will ask Nancy if she wants to go too.

More later...

I tried to call Nancy at 10:00 but no one answered. Whether she was asleep or just gone somewhere, I didn't know. It rang six times and then went to a busy signal. I went by her house but the front door was closed...a pretty good sign she was gone. So I went on to Coffeyville without her.

I took the lists of classmates and deceased classmates by Jeannie's store (Isham's hardware) and visited with Dinger and her until time to go to the lunch at the senior center. Before I left, she gave me $25.00 for doing the class newsletter,. I told her that wasn't necessary but she insisted she wanted to give me a contribution for doing the newsletter all those years. That was really nice of her.

At 11:00AM, I went onto the lunch. It was chili freeto pie and a large cinnamon roll with iced tea...

It is 1:15PM now and I just got home and got my mail. I will read the Reporter now. So more later...

I did the crossword puzzle in the Reporter and then played a few games of solitaire and now will go try to read my new book for awhile.

Suzanne called about 4:00PM and asked me to go to Sonic and get a cherry limeade drink with her.  I was glad for the chance to spend some time with Suzanne. I always enjoy my visits with her. She had taken Nancy and her five girl friends to Tulsa to eat at a special restaurant there. That must have been where Nancy was this morning. Suzanne told me this was the second time she had been asked to do that.

She brought me home about an hour later and we walked around the yard and looked everything over. For the second time, my gate to the back yard was left open. It is hard to open so I don't know how that could have happened unless someone deliberately opened it. I didn't even mow the back yard this week. It didn't need it. It has not grown. The only reason I mowed the front this week was to finish getting rid of the leaves.  It's a real mystery.

We also walked around and looked over Kylie's yard. They would like to have that tree taken down but I don't think Suzanne wants to lose it. It is looking pretty good since Kylie and I cut up that branch that fell down off it yesterday and put it in the trash.

Well, it is bath time so I had better take it and get my PJs on and watch another episode of "Murder She Wrote". I think this is the last season that they produced that show so I am not sure what I will watch after I finish watching this season's programs.

Then after that, I will go to bed at 9:00PM.

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