Thursday, October 17, 2019

Thursday and Housecleaning Day and Laundry

I was up shortly after 4:00AM. I slept well though. I stripped my bed, did the laundry, dried it and remade the bed. I have also had my coffee, oatmeal and Chai and fed the cats. It's only 6:22AM now. I will clean my bare floors after awhile and vacuum too. I dusted day before yesterday so I am ahead of the game.

I ran off a copy of the classmates list for Jeannie and also a copy of the deceased classmates. She is not online so she does not have this information.  I will take these to her tomorrow when I go back to Coffeyville for the $2.00 lunch at the senior center.

That's all I hope to get done today.

I haven't had any more trouble with my TV. It worked fine last night and even this morning. It may have just been a fluke. I'm pretty sure it was the Tivo though. I noticed day before yesterday that I could no longer fast forward through the commercials on the programs I had recorded. Weird...I even thought the remote might need new batteries.  But for now, anyhow, everything is working fine.

More later...

About 8:30AM I went out and raked the leaves in my front yard into little piles. I am hoping they will dry out later today and I can vacuum them up.
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Later, if that works, I will rake the side yard too.

Now I need to start my mopping and vacuuming inside. :)

So more even later...

I got all my vinyl floors mopped. They are drying now and when they are dry, I will begin my vacuuming. I am watching the CBS news now. When it is finished I will vacuum.

More later...

It's almost 10:30AM now and I have the vacuuming finished and the vacuum and filters cleaned up.

I need to put away the stuff I have out on the daybed now. It looks messy.

I got all that cleaned up and put the minutes book for our business meeting on Sunday in the trunk of my car so it will be handy when I need it.

I just checked...the leaves are still wet. It may be late afternoon before I can vacuum them up

More Later:

The mail came around 12:30PM and I got the cutest little musical windmill from Keith and Esther. They got it in Holland while they were on their 14 day tour of Europe. Here is a photo of it!

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Isn't that cute? And it plays music!

I got most of the leaves vacuumed up about a half hour ago at 1:30PM. I still have a few left to do before I completely played out. I may take the mower out later and mow them into the mower bag instead. That's a lot less tiring.

Kylie, my neighbor, came over to borrow my mower and she mowed the yard next door. That's good. They are supposed to mow each week but they have only mowed twice since they moved in here. They used his dad's riding mower for the front and side and used mine for the back  They couldn't get his big riding mower in through the gate. Kylie mowed the entire thing over there today with my mower and that bagged the leaves instead of leaving them laying on the freshly cut grass..

I need to go out to Dollar General and get some more of those black yard bags. I used the last one for the mower and the leaf vacuum.

Perhaps more later...

I texted Esther my thanks for the little musical windmill. and she said they were wanting to see me but she checked and found there were no through flights to Phoenix.  She suggested she would talk to Keith tonight and see if they could come for Thanksgiving!  That would be wonderful! I checked with Leslie and she would not have a problem with it. I intend to bring two pies Thanksgiving so I could bring even one more or something else (maybe Bob's fruit salad) if that works out!.

I got two boxes of those large leaf bags (they were on sale 2 for $9.00) and put one in the bag buddy and then I mowed the rest of the leaves.  Now I am very tired.

And It's only a little after 3:00PM

I went up to the Walmart store in Independence to get a few things I had forgotten yesterday at Coffeyville. Let's face it, I went by the Dairy Queen and had a blizzard too. I have one once a week.

When I got home I  read awhile and then worked the crossword puzzle in the Reporter. I put the papers in the trunk of my car to give to Karan for the dog pound there in Coffeyville.

So more later...

I watched an episode of  "Murder She Wrote" and then I took my bath and redressed and bandaged my toe. It's 8:25PM now and in another 30 Minutes, I will go to bed.


Annsterw said...

WOW! You get started early! I rarely see 5AM unless I have to catch a tomorrow :-) Annster's Domain

Margie's Musings said...

I usually get up somewhere around 5:00AM. I have always been an early riser.