Monday, October 14, 2019

Monday and a Good Night's Sleep

I slept well last night although I did get up awfully 4:45AM.  I did have my sleep out though.

A couple of the kittens have been here to eat this morning but I haven't seen the raccoon...yet!  One gray kitten guards the food or at least enjoys the doormat.

I have dressed and had my oatmeal and am ready for the day.  I even have a load of laundry in the dryer already this morning. I do need to dust today. I skipped that last week....never got to it with the trip to Springfield and all.

More later...

Ginger and Scott got moved into their home in Gallatin, Tn. this weekend. This is the finished product. I am anxious to see it in December.

Image may contain: sky, cloud, house and outdoor

It looks like a lovely home.

I got what little laundry I had to do done this morning already. I even got it put away.

Then Nancy and I went to breakfast at Eggberts this morning. This time, I bought.

Then I came home and watched the shows I had missed yesterday but had recorded. Then I played some solitaire. I am bored but too lazy to do anything much today. I went out and looked at the back yard but it looked fine and didn't need mowing. I did water the flowers out there and moved my mum plant out in the sunshine and watered it. But that's about all I have done besides keeping the cat's bowls filled. I took the trash out and watched for the mailman until I remembered this is Columbus Day and there is no mail delivery.

It's 3:45PM now and I haven't done much of anything today.  Between solitaire and watching TV, I didn't get much of anything done today. I took my bath and watched "Bull" at 9:00PM and afterward went on to bed.

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Annsterw said...

I am so jealous of your kitty friends!!! Have a great day!