Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Wednesday and a Very Busy Day

I awoke early this morning around 5:30AM but I appeared to have my sleep out.  I got dressed and ready for the day. I had a little bit of oatmeal and coffee before getting ready to leave for Coffeyville and pick up Bob for breakfast. I left a little past 6:30AM and got there about 7:00AM. I stopped at my bank first and withdrew the week's cash. It was my turn to buy breakfast and I had my hair appointment at 9:30AM and would need money to pay for that.

After I left Bob back at his home, I went to the Woodshed at South Coffeyville and filled my gas tank. Then I went to the library and left my books.After that I made copies for seven more of my classmates and stuffed the folders and put each in a manila envelope and addressed the envelops .

Then I dropped by Karan's house and left her the leaf vacuum to try out. If she can manage it, she will buy one. Then I went to Utopia and had a light lunch and a cappuccino. I went by Country Mart and bought some blueberry mini muffins for the Bunco dessert.  I took the second cappuccino to Bunco and put it in the freezer for later that morning at the break.  After Bunco, I went to Walmart and bought what few groceries I needed. Last of all, I dropped by Braums and bought milk. Then I came back home.

I will be going to Chanute for lunch with Gay and her sister, Adele, and friends tomorrow. I need to be there at 11:30AM.

I will go by the post office in the morning when the post office opens and mail off those seven folders. That makes 30 I have put in the mail. I still need to do another 31 to have each of 61 classmates without internet to have copies of that information. The committee is going to repay me for the expense I have gone to.

Gay contacted each of us yesterday and asked us if we could meet her and Adele for lunch either Thursday or Friday. Each day would have worked for me.  But one of her friends was only free on Thursday so she decided to meet with us for lunch at Opie's in Chanute tomorrow at 11:30AM. I will leave here at 10:00AM.

By the way, Scott and Ginger's home is finished and they will be moving in this weekend.

 Image may contain: house, sky, grass, outdoor and nature
Here is a photo of the front.

I will clean the apartment on Friday this week.

I took my bath again this evening with my right leg hanging over the side of the tub and my back to the faucets. It is very hard for me to get out of the tub that way, but I am managing it. I took the bandage off and I put a clean gauze 2 X 2 over the nail bed last night and again tonight. I put that anti-fungal med on the nail bed first and then I taped that 2 X 2 square on the toe and put another clean white sock on that foot.  That should keep the bandage on the toe during the night. It did last night. It's almost 8:00PM now and I guess I will go watch another episode or two of "Murder She Wrote" before I go to bed at 9:30PM or 10:00PM.


Kay said...

Yowch! I sure hope your toe heals quickly.

Margie's Musings said...

So far, so good, Kay!

Sister--Three said...

Love the house.