Monday, December 30, 2019

Monday and a Chilly Day

Well, the weather has changed again and it is more like late fall or early winter. And it is the almost the last day of the year. Amazing changes in the weather this year!

Tomorrow I will get my hair done and pick up some stamps from John Wade, my class treasurer. I have no idea when my class newsletters and envelopes will be finished. It is up to Hillary at Four County Mental Health. She will let me know when I can pick them up.

Leslie has taken John down to Bartlesville to have his other cataract removed.

I don't have a plan for today although I may go over to the food pantry to see if they have any fruit.

I have been watching the Tulsa news. It is 7:45AM and I do want to watch the CBS news at 8:00AM.

More later...

I worked on finishing the Class Newsletter on the notebook with Windows 10 on it. Then I sent it on to Hillary to see if that would come out any better and it did! She will use that version to make my copies straight from her computer.

I picked up Nancy and we went out to the distribution center to get fruits and veggies and each of us took a sack. I got one apple and a bunch of bananas. I also got tomatoes.  I will keep some of them and give the rest to Bob tomorrow. He can share them with Joanne or Denise or both of them.

I got my mail. It was my water and trash bill...the largest one of all. $101.26. Even my gas bill was only $48.12. My electric bill was $47.26. Water must be precious here in Caney!  It certainly isn't tasty. I filter every drop I use.

More even later...

I am eating the apple now. I know those and bananas are good for us. Bananas have potassium and the older we get the more we need the potassium.

Tonight, I believe "Bull" is on TV at 9:00PM. That's my favorite program and I always try to watch it. That makes me go to bed at 10:00PM. Sometimes that makes me sleep better. 


Donna. W said...

I would almost be willing to bet there would be some mention of your dad's death. If you don't use your library's online specialties, I'd be glad to do a search for you: I'd need the place... city, etc.... and of course his name. It's also helpful to search in the time period in which it happened. Or, if you use the online version of your public library, you could do it yourself. I know many people don't like to read e-books, they want a real book to hold. I like the digital books because I can make the print any size I want, I can look up meanings of a word by holding my finger on that word. Like magic, there's the definition! And if you don't return your book on time, it returns itself so there's no fine.

Anyhow, let me know if you'd like me to do it. You seem to be pretty Internet-wise, so I think it's something you would likely use a lot.

Margie's Musings said...

Donna, I looked online but everywhere I looked they wanted to be paid. When I worked at the library in Coffeyville I looked in their records and found it in a Coffeyville Journal in the morgue but I was hoping it would be online too.

His name was Clyde Lester Moberly (nickname "Doc")and he died in September of 1945. He died in Coffeyville Kansas at the Ozark Smelter. The funeral home mom used was Skinner Funeral Home...but it has been gone for years.

I couldn't find my mom either. She died in February of 1980 in Caney Kansas. Her name was Ruby Thelma Evans. They used the Ford Funeral Home in Coffeyville, Kansas but it too has been gone for years.