Thursday, January 2, 2020

Thursday and Cleaning Day and a Thief

I slept very well last night. I woke up several times but got right back to sleep until 5:00AM when I finally got up. I have had my oatmeal and coffee and am drinking my Chai now. I texted Bob at a little past 6:00AM, and he is up and slept well.

Two cats, mama cat and the yellow Tom cat, showed up for breakfast this morning. I have fed them and left the porch light on for the others.

About 8:00AM, I will go out to Dollar General and see if I can find another of those little black double bowls for mama cat.

I will start my laundry in a few moments and start my cleaning after the news is over.

More later...

The laundry is in the dryer now. I will start my cleaning after I get that put away and after the CBS news.

I went out to Dollar General and bought another divided cat dish and used two of the round blue plastic Tupperware dishes I used to feed extra cats. I have no idea what happened to the other ones. I looked all over the yard but didn't find any of them.

More later....

I put the new divided dish out for the cats and two of the blue plastic Tupperware bowls out and filled them with cat food and then I went back to putting away my laundry. In about an hour, I looked out to see if the cats were eating the food I put out and the new dish and the two blue Tupperware bowls were gone too.  I walked around the neighborhood looking for the new dishes (or even the old one) and the two blue ones but there was no sign of any of them. Someone, possibly a kid, is stealing my cat bowls. That is disgusting! There is no sense in buying another new divided one, the thief would just come take it too. So I will just  use the last two blue bowls I used for feeding the extra cats. I had four of those blue bowls but now I only have two left.

Someone may have caught  the kittens and taken them away. I haven't seen any cats except the Tom cat and the mother cat since that kitten came in the house and I spent the better part of an hour trying to catch it last week. Caney doesn't have a shelter so I just don't know what to think.

But I don't think I am not going to buy any more divided bowls. The thief that stole the last two would probably just steal a new one again.

It's a mystery....

Well, I changed my mind about buying another divided cat food dish. I went out to Dollar General again and bought another one. This time, however, I am only going to feed them morning and night and I am going to leave the front door open while they eat so I can see who is stealing all those bowls. After the cats have had their fill, I will bring the bowls back into the apartment and wash them and then leave them in the apartment.

More later to this saga.

Keith is seeing a urologist to make an appointment for his kidney stone surgery.

I heard from Ginger, Scott's wife. today too. Both the boys have found great women for their wives. And, of course, Leslie has a long time spouse in John. They have been married 44 years. It will be 45 years this June.

I called and talked to Scott. He is about an hour away from home now and has been on the roads since 4:00AM this morning. He is coming home from North Carolina.

Suzanne called a little while ago and invited me to go to Walmart with her in Independence. She will be by about 1:30PM to pick up the rent and will pick me up then too.

More later...

Sure enough, Suzanne came by at 1:30PM and picked me up and we went to Bartlesville to their Walmart store  and she brought gas as well as groceries. Then we stopped by the car wash Leslie showed me a couple of weeks ago and Suzanne washed her SUV. It really needed it. We vacuumed it out and washed the windows and wiped them off.

Then she went to Brahm's and bought a few more groceries. She dropped me by the apartment and we went to see the damage to the back door in the duplex next to me. It's 4:35PM now and I will watch the news on TV in a bit and then watch Amazon Prime this evening before I take my bath at 7:00PM.

More later....

That's exactly what I did. I put the cat food out for mama cat and big yellow Tom and they ate and then young yellow cat came too and after he/she ate I brought the food dishes in washed them and closed the front door. At least for this evening those three cats got fed and that dish stayed inside with me for tonight. I will try the same tactic tomorrow morning.

It's 8:00PM and I have had a big day. I believe I will just go on to bed.


marlu said...

Lee uses paper bowls for the cats that he is feeding. So far none have been stolen but they don't wash out very well!

Margie's Musings said...

I set the new bowls out in front as usual but left the door open with just the storm door closed just in case someone came to steal the bowls. Then when the two cats had finished eating I brought the bowls back in the house.

It appears someone has taken all the half-grown kittens. All I see anymore is the mama cat and the big yellow Tom.