Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Tuesday and a Busy Day

I woke up fairly early but then I went to bed early last night too. I had a little dab of oatmeal even though I was going to pick up Bob A. for breakfast in Coffeyville at 7:00AM. I fed two cats....the Tom cat and the mama cat. Two of the seven that have given up eating here. The one I took out of the apartment the other day must have "told" on me.

Anyhow, I got around and went to Coffeyville to pick up Bob. After we had breakfast and I took him home, I went out to Woodshed to get gas and got my hair done and also went  to the Walmart store there to get a few more groceries that I can't get at Dollar General here.

Then  I dropped by Bob Wade's home to pick up the stamps for the mailing of the 63 newsletters that have to go out in snail mail. A roll of stamps costs $55.00 now! Hillary might be working on the newsletters and envelopes today.  I sent her one of the better copies of the mailing list too... from the Notebook. She contacted me for another copy of the mailing list again.

I came on back home then and warmed up some of the Amy's soup I bought today, cut up the last of the cheese and had some crackers with it. Then I had one of my ice cream bars for dessert. I am going to have to lay off those ice cream things or I will gain pounds.

More later...

I went by Nancy's to take her some more coffeecake but Jess was there so I didn't stop. I went over to Myrtle's Market and looked around for awhile and then when I went back, Jess was gone.
So I stopped and took her the coffeecake and stayed and visited awhile. When I got home I watched some programs I had recorded.

At 7:00PM I took my bath and  got ready for bed. I went on to bed about 9:00PM

Before I went to bed I fed a couple of the cats that came for dinner. Mainly, it's just mama cat and the Tom cat now.

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