Thursday, December 26, 2019

Thursday and Clean Sheets

I got up about 5:00AM this morning and got myself ready for the day. The first thing I did was strip my bed.
I got the sheets into the washer and then had my breakfast...oatmeal, as usual. I had my coffee and am now having my Chai. Oh yes, I also fed 5 cats that were waiting for me to feed them just outside my front door. I'm going to have to go to Dollar General this morning and buy cat food. I stopped in Country Mart, the only place open in Coffeyville yesterday, but they wanted $4.75 for a $3.95 bag of Meow Mix.  I had enough to get them through their breakfast so I wasn't going to give Country Mart that much more for cat food.  Not when I could get it at Dollar General this morning for $4.00.

I have the sheets in the dryer now. As soon as they are dry, I will re-make my bed.

More later..the dryer alarm just went off the sheets are dry...

It's 6:20AM  now and the bed is re-made. In fact the apartment is clean, I bought gas for my car yesterday, washed the car while I was at Coffeyville and ran it through their dryer and the laundry here is all caught up too. I don't have another plan for today.

Maybe I will try to visit Nancy. I wish I had known that Kay was going to have a large cancellation for her Christmas dinner yesterday. The last I heard she was all filled up. Instead she had a large family cancel and had 18 openings.  I would have taken Nancy over there for dinner.

More later....

At 8:30AM  I went out to the Dollar General store to buy a few things I need....eggs, cat food, computer paper, some lipstick and some Twix ice cream bars. They had everything but the computer paper...which I needed worst of all so I made a quick trip down to Dewey to their Dollar General. I found it there.

I ate the rest of my cashew chicken from Sunday's trip to Great China for lunch today.

It appears all the classmates that are interested in contributing something about their lives for the class newsletter have done that. I haven't had anything new in several days. So I guess this weekend I will wrap it up and take it to Leslie on next Tuesday.

More later...

I finally went over to Nancy's and found that she had been sleeping on the sofa all day. Her den phone is not working right. I called twice today and it rang 6 times and then went to busy signal. It usually does that. I went over twice and rang the doorbell. She was sleeping very hard and did not hear the doorbell. The second time she did hear the doorbell and came to the door.

I took her some of that cashew chicken I had saved from Sunday, I ate the rest of it myself.

While I was there, Dale came to check on her. He hooked her up with facetime on his phone and she got to visit with her son, David, and see him at the same time. He and his family were in Seattle. David has arranged to hire a woman to come in on a regular basis and check on her...make sure she takes her meds and gets up and around... and eats. She has a lot of arthritis and hurts a lot.

I finished up the newsletter this evening and sent it off to the classmates that were online. I arranged with Leslie to check out the possibility of getting their printing center to print off 64 copies of the three page letter, printed on both sides. Also, I would like them to print the envelopes too this year. I sent the letter and the addresses on to the woman who will print them off. I don't know how long it will take her to do that but it is bound to be cheaper then me buying half a dozen print cartridges and doing it myself.

I have taken my bath and dressed my toe. I will go to bed shortly before 9:00PM.

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