Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Tuesday and Christmas Eve Afternoon at Brooks Home

I slept very well last night. I thought I would after all that climbing up the garage ladder to put away all the Christmas decorations. I must have done that 15 times.

Leslie just texted me to ask me to come out early at 9:30AM so I would be there to watch the girls in case she was called out. She is on call this Christmas time. John has a haircut appointment this morning in Coffeyville. I will leave here at 9:00AM so someone will be with the girls just in case. I have everything in my car now so I am ready to leave when it is time. It is only 7:20AM now so I still have plenty of time.

We will have our gift opening there at approximately 11:00AM. Jeromy and the girls will be there and me and John and Leslie.

More later...

I left at 9:00AM and when I got there Leslie had already been called out . John had a haircut appointment in Coffeyville so I stayed with the little girls until Jeromy arrived and soon after that, Leslie came back. When John got back from his haircut, we had all our treats and soon after that we opened out gifts.

After we cleaned up I loaded up some of what treats we had left including a large bag of smoked turkey Jeromy had been given by the refinery...where he works.  I had blueberry bread left and some peanut clusters and some apple cider.  When I got back home I divided everything I had brought home and took some over to Nancy. I had given her a tin of peanut clusters when I finished them on Monday.

Nancy will have no place to celebrate Christmas. Hopefully her son, David, will call her. I stayed a couple of hours and visited. She is very lonely.  She always asks me to stay and visit.

While I was there, her cousin Dale called and chatted with her. They had gone to one of their grandchildren's home for Christmas and would not be back home until tomorrow. That means she will be alone for Christmas. Kay is filled up over at "Just Us" or I would ask her to go with us to Cherryvale tomorrow. As it is, I am going over with Bob and Joanne and her daughter, Nancy.

I will go over to Coffeyville a little early to buy gas at Woodshed. I am supposed to be at Bob's at 11:30AM. From there we will pick up her Nancy and leave for Cherryvale to be there by noon. 

More later...

About 7:00PM, I took my bath and got ready for bed. It had been a huge day and I was very tired. I turned off the TV and read for awhile and about 8:30PM, I went on to bed.


Sister--Three said...

Merry Christmas, Margie.

Margie's Musings said...

Thank you, Sister-Three. Merry Christmas to you too!!