Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Tuesday and Another Probable Lunch Out

I slept well last night for a change. I stayed in bed until about 5:30AM but then got up and dressed, ate my oatmeal and had my coffee and chai and then fed the cats. It is 32 degrees out there this morning so they did not hang around long. They just ate and then ran off  somewhere for shelter and warmth.

I have watched the news and weather and read all the birthday greetings on this blog. I will call Nancy later on this morning to see if she is up to lunch. About 2/3 of the time she is sick..either with diarrhea or vomiting. I think she drinks way too much coffee but I don't know what all could be wrong to make her sick so much of the time.

I have plenty of food here. Suzanne brought me a large bowl of chicken and noodles and a dessert too. I still have the rest of my sweet and sour chicken too from Sunday at Great China. After we ate our beans and cornbread yesterday she also bought me a piece of cherry pie and that is also in the frig. And I still have some fruit salad from Thanksgiving. So I have plenty to eat.

I just texted Leslie and she is better although she now has a nose bleed. She probably blew too much yesterday. She has a terrible cold.

It's almost 8:00AM now and I still haven't watched that episode of "Bull" that I recorded last night. I will do that now.More later....

I watched the "Bull" show and it was another good one.

Then afterward, I called Nancy and she and I are going to lunch today. I will pick her up at 11:00AM. That's 45 minutes from now.

The trash people came a little bit ago and I just put away the trash container. The sun is shining and it may be a warmer day without all that wind we have had lately.

Leslie texted me a while ago to tell me my six year old great grandchild, Cheyenne, has a school program tonight and I want to attend. Leslie says she will pick me up at 6:30PM.

She came and got me early  and while were waiting for the program to start, she sent a photo she had taken Saturday of the christmas tree in the foyer at church.
Image may contain: christmas tree, plant and indoor

This is how it looked when Melissa and I finished decorating it.

I also took a photo of the first and second grade group that performed their Christmas music
this evening.
Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting, basketball court, shoes, child and indoor
The little girl in the front row third from the left with a cast on her leg, is Cheyenne, my youngest great grandchild of my eldest grandson.  She is a second grader.

When we got back home and Leslie let me out, I fed the cats and the kittens and took my bath.  I watched some TV until 9:00PM when I went on to bed.

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