Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Wednesday and Bunco Day

I slept well last night and was up before 6:00AM. I had some coffee and some Chai  too. I even had a little bit of oatmeal.  Then I texted Bob to see if he was up and wanted to go to breakfast. He did so I told him I would pick him up at 7:15AM.  I got there a little early but he saw me drive in the drive so he came on out.

We went to Eggberts there in Coffeyville and ordered the breakfast speciaL This time he insisted on paying for breakfast. We had a nice visit and after I took him home I went out to Woodshed and bought gas. Then I came on back to town and went to the bank to cash a check. After that. I went to the beauty shop. Toni was not ready for me this time so I read from awhile while she changed her clothes. She had been working out.

I got my hair done and then went out to Walmart for a few things. Later I went to Dollar General for cat food. Then I went out to church and took some photos of our Christmas decorations. My phone doesn't take the best photos but I will post some of them anyhow.

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This is the communion table with the advent wreath and candles on it.

There were two of these stands decorated with Christmas lights and candles. One was by the piano/organ and the other by the computer we use to play the hymns when Phyllis is gone to Overland Park to visit her daughter and her family..

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Karan made these wreathes to use on the north and south walls of the sanctuary.

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Karan sent me this photo that she took when I was in the pulpit on Sunday. It shows off those decorations better that I have been posting.

I went back to town and went by Karan's to take some things to Debra for her apartment.  She is going to move into Sycamore Landing. That's where Bob lives and also where Joanne's youngest daughter lives. They each like it there very much.

I stopped by Sonic and got a little something to hold me over until evening. After that, I went to the senior center and we played Bunco all afternoon. Debra came with Karan and she taught her the game. I won the most wins. It was a lovely throw I can put over my legs when I watch TV in the evening. Debra won the most Buncos. That was good for her as a newcomer.

I came on back home after that. I read my mail and sent off a thank you note to one of my classmates who sent me a check to help with the class of 1953 2020 newsletter .

I will use it to help pay for the stamps.

Right now I want to catch the news. More later....

I had fed my stray kitties and cats and then another full grown cat came and chased them off and tried to eat their food. Several times I ran it off. It's obviously well fed and someone's cat so I am not letting it eat the food of the cats and kittens I feed. Finally after I figured they had all had all the food they needed, I brought in the cat food dishes.   

I watched TV for awhile but there was nothing on I was interested in watching. I started to watch an episode of "Murder She Wrote" but just couldn't get into it.

I just couldn't make it past 8:00PM and took my bath and went on to bed.


Sister--Three said...

You had a busy day and I know that is how you like your day to go. The church looks festive.

Margie's Musings said...

Yes, it does Sister-Three. Thanks for commenting!