Friday, January 24, 2020

Friday and Fairly Good Sleep

I woke up around 3:30AM and went to the bathroom and then it was off and on after that. It was nearly 5:00AM when  I finally got up. I dressed and came in the kitchen and made my coffee and oatmeal. I haven't fed the cats yet and haven't even checked to see how many are out there. I suppose I should do that now. It's 32 degrees out there and they will be very cold.

More in a minute....

Sure enough gray mama cat was waiting for me to feed her and another gray cat too that ran off when I opened the garage door. Now the big Tom cat is out there eating too. I took one of the blue bowls of food out for him. They are always very hungry. And now the other yellow cat is out there too so I took the other blue bowl of food out for him.

It supposed to snow today and rain on Tuesday.

I had another of my little dizzy spells this morning before I had my breakfast and a bottle of water. I will take my blood pressure again because that may be the problem. Well it was 144/79 with a heart rate of 77. That is weird. My heart rate is usually 60 or 62, and that blood pressure is kind of high for me too. Of course I took the blood pressure through my sweater and that may have made a difference.

It appears the cats are finished eating so I may as well take the bowls in again.

More later...

The mottled gray cat came back...the one that ran away when I opened the garage door earlier.  So I put the bowl of cat food back out there for him/her..whatever.

Oh well, this too will pass.

Leslie called me. She must have read this blog because she wanted me to go see the doctor about the dizziness. Dr. Christensen is not in on Fridays and so I called and made an appointment for Wednesday at 10:30 when I will be in Coffeyville anyhow.  Perhaps the occasional dizziness will have cleared up by then and I will just cancel the appointment if that happens.

I went by Nancy's to see if she wanted to go to lunch but she was still in bed and sick to her stomach again. So I just had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for my lunch. I needed a few things from Walmart that I could not find Wednesday in Coffeyville so I decided to go to Bartlesville to get them as well as to get the gas I couldn't get on Wednesday in Coffeyville.

So I drove to Bartlesville and visited their Walmart where I found what I needed and then went out to the Walmart gas station where the price was $2.15 a gallon...even cheaper then the Woodshed in South Coffeyville.

I stopped at Braums and had their yogurt type Mix. It was o.k but not near as good as the Dairy Queen blizzard in Independence.

Then I came home and read my book until shortly after 7:00PM when I took my bath. I never even turned the TV on all evening. There wasn't anything I wanted to see anyhow. I read until almost 10:00PM and finally finished and went on to bed.

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