Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Wednesday and an Uncertain Hair Day

It has snowed last night and Bob says it is raining over at Coffeyville too. I don't know whether to attempt to go to my hair appointment at 9:30AM or not. I probably won't go to breakfast and take Bob this morning because the road conditions are so uncertain today especially this early.

I'm not even sure I should chance these roads to go to my hair appointment at 9:30AM. ...especially if there is freezing rain under that snow. I will wait and see. At least it will be light by then. It's 7:00AM now and still dark out there.

Last night I was still dizzy and light headed. I took my blood pressure at 3:30AM this morning and it was 145/77 and my heart rate was 79. That is quite a bit higher. It is usually 60-62. The blood pressure was higher too. It was 121/ when I gave blood yesterday. (I forget the diastolic).

I have had my oatmeal and feel better now. I have also had my coffee. That helps..caffeine, helps too.

More later....

I went on over to Coffeyville at 8:30AM and went on to the  salon. In just a short time Toni was ready for me. She washed and blew dry my hair and afterward I went up to the library to read until time to go to the senior center for Skip Bo. I stopped at Brahms first and had hot chocolate and bought some cookies for our treat.

It drizzled all day but when I finished at the senior center the snow was gone.

I came home after Skip Bo.  I watched TV for awhile and then fed the cats. Mama cat and the two yellow cats, Big Yellow Tom and smaller yellow cat came. I fed them all and then  when they were finished I took in the bowls.

I don't want to feed a possum or any other wild animal.

I am about ready to take my bath and get ready for bed. It is 6:45PM so I have another hour and a half before I will go to bed.

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