Thursday, January 16, 2020

Thursday and Housekeeping Day

Today is the day I usually clean. I think I will bake my cake for next Tuesday today and freeze it. That way I can take it to church on Sunday. and put it in the freezer there.

I slept well again last night and got up about 5:00AM. I have had my oatmeal and coffee and three cats came for breakfast this morning so I took out the divided bowl and two blue bowls. They are all three out there eating now.  It is mama cat, big yellow Tom and yellow half grown kitten.

I see John Wade, my class treasurer, sent me a $20.00 bill to reimburse me for paying for the printing. That's fine but several classmates had sent me money for that and for myself for doing the letter. So far only one has come back and that was from a South Coffeyville classmate.

It looks like the cats are finished eating so I will go back out and get the bowls.

More later.

I baked my cake for next Tuesday's "cake day". It is cooled now and I need to ice it and get it into the freezer. I will take it to church  on Sunday and put it into the freezer there. But right now I'd better got it iced.

More even later....

I never did get the apartment cleaned today. I went over to Nancy's to check on her and while I was there, Dale, her cousin, came. His wife still has a sinus infection so they will wait until early February to go out of town. He picked up one of her light bulbs (the old kind not easily found) to take to Lowe's to buy and also her silk shade lampshade that finally wore out and shredded this morning.   He said he could find those at Lowe's too.

After awhile, I left. It was lunch time and I wanted Nancy to eat something. She had not had breakfast either. She had stew to eat.

I came home and read all afternoon and finished another book and started another. That's why I didn't get my housework down.  I will do it tomorrow.

I watched an episode of "The Big Bang Theory" that I must have missed when it ran the first time around and then took my bath. I watched some Saturday morning programs I had recorded and finally went to bed shortly before 9:00PM 

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