Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Wednesday and Bunco at Asbury

I woke up about 5:00AM this morning and that was fine. I was going to pick Bob up for breakfast at 7:00AM and I needed to get ready myself and feed the two cats that showed up for breakfast. I left here at 6:30AM and it was pitch black out...clouds over head.  and put them on I was very careful going to Coffeyville. I picked Bob up and took the groceries I got at the food pantry and put them on the free table at Sycamore Landing. The folks that live there will use them.

Then after that I went to Woodshed to get gas, went to Walmart to get groceries and then went by the jeweler's to get a new battery for my watch. Walmart in Coffeyville has got rid of their jewelry table and are not doing watch batteries anymore.

I then got my hair done and went to the library and returned the book I got there last week. I went by the bank and cashed that check for Coffeyville's ReAwakening and took it by their office. Then I went to the shop and got my hair done then went to Shelter and aid my insurance for the car. After that I went to the hospital and saw Sue, my cousin who is in there with a broken hip. That happened the day before Christmas and she gets to go home tomorrow.

I went to our church and took some paper towels I had bought for the church in there and put them away.

Then at 2:00PM, I went to bunco at Asbury Village. Marilyn brought the bowl back that I had sent home with her  last week with strawberries in it. She put some cookies and fudge in there.  Yum!!

After we played, I came back home and got my mail and read it and read my newspapers

I will watch the news in a little bit. Soon the cats will be coming over for their supper.

Only mama cat came for supper. I fed her and watched the weather for awhile and then went to take my bath and went on to bed at 9:00PM. I was very tired! It had been a huge day!

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